GOP Poverty Creators Plan to Increase Taxes on 22.9 Million Poor and Middle Class Families

Senator Orin Hatch and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed raising taxes on 22.9 million poor and working families by $11 billion to make room for tax cuts for the wealthy

Treasonous Republicans Should Stand Trial for Sabotaging the American Economy

The Republicans sabotaging economic recovery should be tried and convicted of treason under Article III, Section 3, where it says a subversive act that 'weakens the power of the United States.'

Mr. and Mrs. Washington Insider: Mitch McConnell and His Wife

I don’t dislike many people. I hate a few – the boss who fired me with 4 kids at home; Limbaugh; people like that. But I generally don’t dislike most fellow earthlings. There is one crepey-necked creep however, who stands out in the dislike department. I dislike what he says. I dislike what he stands for and I especially dislike the way he looks. It’s not because he’s ugly. I like a lot of ugly people. Hell, I’m getting more repulsive by the year. I don’t dislike him because of his age either; he just turned 70 and I’m in no position to make age an issue. read more