Rachel Maddow Is Crushing Fox News With Viewers That Democrats Need To Get Out To The Polls

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is beating Fox News with the exact kind of viewers that Democrats need to get to the polls to be able to take back Congress in November.

Trump’s Anti-Media Argument Collapses As America Trusts Every News Organization More Than Him

The American people are smart enough to recognize that Trump is unfit, incompetent, and corrupt – and that's nobody's fault but his own. 

Opinion: Either Americans Unite Against Trump or Divided We Will All Fall

Trump hugs American flag

Trump has cleverly enlisted the help of closeted bigots who gleefully embrace his Jim Crow idealism and ushered them into the light. Racism is now front and center in our country, and the maestro of this mayhem is the President of the United States of America. However, if our fate as a country is left in the hands of Mr. Trump, these states will no longer be united and divided we will all fall.

CNN’s Erin Burnett Shreds ‘Hypocrite-In-Chief’ Trump After He Signs His 50th Executive Order

Look, the facts are the president is not keeping his word. He signed 50 executive orders since the day he took office, which, if you do the math, is about one every five days.

Kelllyanne Conway Humiliates Herself Trying To Defend Trump’s Horrible Poll Numbers

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to attack the media by saying that someone should call her when the media's numbers are higher than Trump's. The problem is that they already are.

Opinion: Trump’s Cult Are Carriers of Perilous Political Plague

Whether the subject is a nitwitted stare down with North Korea, a despicable health care proposal, an allegiance to White Supremacy or a political rally that espouses incomprehensible hate and anger, Donald Trump voters are bereft of common sense and free will in discussing his faults and failures. Their sickness is a stain on America, and it must be eradicated.

The NY Times Shatters Trump’s Myth That It’s ‘Failing’ By Revealing Record Number Of Subscribers

Not only is Trump clearly unwilling and unable to do his own job, but he lashes out journalists for doing theirs. 

Montana GOP Special Election Candidate “Body Slammed” A Reporter Who Asked About Trumpcare

Greg Gianforte Montana

The GOP candidate decided that assaulting a reporter was a smarter strategy than defending his support of the Republican health care plan.

Hillary Clinton Should Have Called Out The Media Along With Comey And Russia For Election Loss

Hillary Clinton called out FBI Director James Comey, Putin, and even suggested that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia, but the one group that she should not have left out while discussing her 2016 defeat was the media.

Opinion: Trump Is Attempting to Delegitimize Barriers To His Tyranny

Trump spends no small amount of time casting aspersion on the judiciary, the press, and the intelligence community; because they do their jobs.

Opinion: GOP Operative Calls On Media To Expose Trump Treason

The days of pretending that what is happening under Trump isn’t “serious” are over; it is time for a concerted media push-back.

Trump Packed His Press Conference With Paid Staff To Assail the Media

Trump turned a news conference into an anti-media circus event like he is still entertaining his sycophants at campaign rallies.

The Vocabulary of the 2016 Presidential Election

The rhetoric surrounding this presidential election is not only disturbing for reaching new lows, but also for its effect on the electorate who must endure it or be left largely uninformed, which is unacceptable for the responsible citizen in a democracy. The toll the Trump campaign has had on the human spirit along with the weight of the congressional conspiracy cloud that follows Clinton everywhere she goes is exhausting and distressing.

Obama Urges Serious Coverage: Media Responds By Asking About Trump Taco Bowl Tweet

Moments after urging the media not to cover the presidential campaign like it is a reality television show, the President was asked about Donald Trump's taco bowl tweet.

Editorial Cartoon: Election Noose

GOP implosion time!

Editorial Cartoon – Wisconsin

The Wisconsin primary today and a cheese head full of holes

Friday Fox Follies – Defending the Indefensible

Good news, loyal readers! There will be nothing about the Fox “News” love affair with Donald Trump this week.


Don’t blame me; blame Fox & Friends.

While I loathe Fox & Friends, I still watch it every morning. Maybe because I was a News Writer on the highest-rated morning in Toronto for a decade. Maybe because I simply cannot believe how much disinformation the Morning Happy Hate Fest disseminates, starting with the Trumpster. read more