Paul Krugman Strikes Back At Liberals Who Attack ‘Obamacare’

Krugman points out that with GOP control the House, it may take many years before Republicans agree to provide more funding for a healthcare system

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sounds Like A Realist – Not A Republican

The reality is that when Democrats did have majorities in both houses of Congress they were barely able to pass health-care insurance reform

Mitch McConnell Demands A Ransom That Obama Will Never Agree To In Debt Ceiling Fight

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding Social Security and Medicare cuts in exchange for his vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Callous Kasich Tells Retiree Worried He Intends To Slash Social Security To “Get Over It”

Kasich dismissed criticism of his attitude as "silly" and said "difficult" changes are necessary in order to stabilize Social Security

President Obama Calls Out The Republican Lies About Medicare

Obama medicare

President Obama is pushing back against the Republican lies about Medicare while celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid.

Jeb Bush And Scott Walker Campaign To Impress the Koch Brothers, Not the People

It would be difficult for even Fox News to argue against the idea that Republicans only campaign, and act, according to the will of the Koch brothers, and two candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are already vying to impress, and best serve the interests of, the Koch brothers, not the American people.

We Need To Phase Out Medicare, Says Jeb Bush at Koch Brothers Sponsored Event

Jeb Bush told an audience at a Koch brothers' sponsored Americans for Prosperity event in New Hampshire, that we need to phase out Medicare.

61 House Democrats Are Taking A Stand Against Corporate America

The 61 House Democrats led by Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva are demanding a new funding mechanism for the cost of TAA for displaced workers; but they did not call for a corporate tax hike to cover the cost. Why? Because this is America and corporations get a free ride which is precisely why Washington politicians let corporations write the trade agreement in secret.

According To Polls Most Americans Are Socialists Like Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders sex essay meet the press

It is glaringly obvious that for regardless the reason Senator Sanders self-labels himself as a "democratic socialist," or whatever negative connotations that label socialist has according to constant harping by Republicans, most Americans support Mr. Sanders' policies.

Republicans Use TPP Trade Deal To Slash Medicare

Republicans in the Senate have discovered yet another means of cutting Medicare to add insult to injury from the already damage-ridden Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement that benefits no-one but the big corporations who wrote the ill-advised proposal.

The Koch Brothers Try To Fool The American People With An Evil PR Campaign

What is missing from the long list of Koch demands to abolish virtually the entire government is exactly how it will help Americans.

Rand Paul Is Trying To Fool The Left Into Thinking That He Is Their Friend

The same people that apparently hate the libertarian Koch brothers are looking on Rand Paul as a decent human being; a monumental error one expects moronic Republicans to make, but not anyone on the left.

US House Is Functional For A Day, Passes Bipartisan Bill, Extends CHIP Funding

In a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation, the US House overwhelmingly passed a Medicare payment overhaul bill on Thursday.

GOP Sociopaths, Not God, Don’t Want Americans To Have Medical Care

Since 2009 it has been painfully obvious that Republicans or their supporters do not want Americans to have access to healthcare whatsoever, and it is particularly curious because they claim to be devout followers of Christ.

House GOP Budget: More Money For War, Repeal Obamacare, Cut Food Stamps and Medicaid

House Republicans have once again shown that they have little regard for the average American family or the typical American worker.

Koch-Congress Preparing To Starve the Poor With Drastic Food Stamp Cuts

The big plan the new Koch Senate is due to propose this week is cutting food stamps substantially and giving the reduced amounts directly to states in the form of "block grants."

Chris Christie’s New Campaign Strategy? Run On Slashing Social Security and Medicare

On Friday, Robert Costa at The Washington Post reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie disclosed his 2016 platform to a group of Republican policy analysts on Monday.

Joe Scarborough Says Liberals Are Anti-Science Because They Oppose Keystone Pipeline

During the Tuesday broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough claimed "climate alarmists" are denying science by opposing the extension of the Keystone oil pipeline.

Kansas’ Kobach Warns Immigration Action Leads To Ethnic Cleansing and Socialism

According to one angry racist Republican, the start of ethnic cleansing is when an African American President takes executive action on immigration enforcement to create a Socialism-loving brown population.

Ted Cruz Says A Functioning Senate Subverts the Will of The People

In fact, there is very little that Ted Cruz even likes about this country, including the United States Constitution, that he would burn to the ground in a hot second if he were able.