Rachel Maddow Explains How the Media Misdiagnosed the 2010 Election

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press today, where she explained how the media got the 2010 election narrative about Democrats staying home all wrong. Maddow said, I think that the initial diagnosis that Democrats don't care... that they weren't going to be able to get off their hands and actually get out to the polls this year has turned out to be a little bit of, a little bit wrong."

Colin Powell’s Suicide Mission Against Obama Churchers and Birthers

Colin Powell was on Meet The Press today where he tried to explain to his fellow Republicans that President Obama is not a Muslim. Powell said, Next, he is a Christian. He is not a Muslim." Powell and other establishment Republicans battle against churchers and birthers is a basically a conservative political suicide mission.

Rudy Giuliani Blames Bill Clinton Not Bush for Letting Bin Laden Go

Rudy Giuliani was on Meet The Press today engaging in a bit of GOP revisionist history, as he claimed that it is Bill Clinton's fault that Bin Laden is still free, "The reality is, in the period of time when we weren't paying as much attention to bin Laden and al-Qaeda, they were attacking us almost every other year. I'm talking about in the, in the '90s."

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Say that Obama is Not a Muslim

Mitch McConnell added fuel to the Obama is Muslim lie today on NBC's Meet The Press when he was asked if Obama was a Muslim, and instead of strongly debunking this misinformation he said, "The President says he's a Christian. I take him at his word."

Rachel Maddow Hammers the Myth of the Fiscally Responsible GOP

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press today where she pointed out that the Republican Party is asking voters to make a fatally flawed choice in November, if they insist on portraying themselves as the fiscally responsible party. Maddow said, "If Republicans want to run as this fiscally responsible party, it's neat, but it's novel. It's not how they've actually governed."

John McCain Praises Obama’s Firing of Gen. McChrystal

The Obama Administration Blasts Republicans for Doing Nothing

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod was on Meet The Press today, and when asked for his thoughts about the 2010 midterm elections, he pull no punches, "In 1994 the Republican Party was nearly at 60 percent in favorability. Today, they're at an all-time low... They've sat on the sidelines, they've rooted for failure, and they've contributed nothing."

Mitch McConnell Defends BP and Blames Obama for the Gulf Oil Spill

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was on Meet The Press today, and he came right out of the gate trying to score political points on the Gulf oil by blaming the Obama administration for the incident, "the administration's involvement in this will be a big part of the inquiry." McConnell also stated his opposition to lifting the damages cap and making BP pay for everything.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama Is a Role Model Not a Socialist


Sen. Lindsey Graham was on NBC's Meet The Press today where he maintained his conservative stance on health care, but he took a moment to criticize the right wing rhetoric on Obama and racism of the Tea Party. Graham said, "When you use the N word and when you question somebody's patriotism, you're off base. President Obama is a fine man. He's a good father. He's a good role model."

John McCain Refuses to Call Barack Obama a Socialist

McCain dodges live fire on Meet th Press

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was on NBC's Meet the Press today and things got a little uncomfortable for him when moderator David Gregory asked McCain if he thought President Obama's agenda was socialist. McCain would only say that, "this administration is governing from the left." McCain would not label Obama a socialist.

Howard Dean Calls Out John McCain for Twisting His Words on Healthcare

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean was on NBC's Meet The Press today talking about the compromise healthcare bill. Dean finally answered the Republicans who have been twisting his words on healthcare, specifically John McCain. He accused McCain of using his words for something that he has no intention of endorsing.

Obama Orders Review of U.S. Cyber Security

ImageThe White House announced today that President Obama has ordered a 60 day review of the nation's