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Gavin Newsom Smashes Kirsten Welker’s Ageist Attack On Biden

Gavin Newsom Smashes Kirsten Welker’s Ageist Attack On Biden

Kristen Welker asked Gavin Newsom if it is responsible for Democrats to put Biden at the top of the ticket,…

2 days ago

Sen. Amy Klobuchar Bursts Kristen Welker’s Biden Bashing Bubble

Kristen Welker tried to tell Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) that Biden wasn't resonating with voters and Klobuchar was having none…

1 week ago

Kristen Welker Gets Stopped Dead In Her Tracks As She Lies About Biden And Hur Report

Biden campaign co-chair Mitch Landrieu stopped and corrected Meet The Press's Kristen Welker multiple times as she pushed Republican talking…

2 weeks ago

Mike Johnson Completely Humiliates Himself On Meet The Press

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson twisted and turned in every direction as he humiliated himself on Meet The Press.

3 weeks ago

If Nikki Haley Is Going Down, She Is Taking Trump And The RNC With Her

Nikki Haley made it clear in a Sunday morning interview that if she is going to lose, she is going…

1 month ago

Meet The Press’s Kristen Welker Allows Lindsey Graham To Lie About The Border

On Meet The Press, moderator Kristen Welker allowed Sen. Lindsey Graham to lie about the border with no challenges to…

2 months ago

Biden Has Made The GOP Border Blow Up Backfire On Republicans

By signaling that he is ready to make a border deal, President Biden has turned the Ukraine hostage taking into…

3 months ago

Mitt Romney Shatters The House Republican Biden Impeachment Argument

Sen. Mitt Romney's blunt statement that Republicans have no evidence to impeach President Biden was shattering to the House GOP.

3 months ago

Zelenskyy Calls Trump’s Bluff And Invites Him To Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has invited Donald Trump to Ukraine in a move that calls Trump's bluff that he can end…

4 months ago

Ron DeSantis Humiliatingly Crashes And Burns On Meet The Press

Gov. Ron DeSantis went on Meet The Press to save his lifeless presidential campaign, and it was an absolute disaster.

4 months ago

Kevin McCarthy Crumbles After Getting Called Out For Falsely Blaming Democrats For His Firing

On Meet The Press, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got called out for falsely blaming Democrats for his firing as Speaker…

4 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Schools Kristen Welker On Why It’s Not The Democrats’ Job To Fix The GOP Speaker Mess

Meet The Press's Kristen Welker twice asked questions trying to blame Democrats for the Republican speaker disaster, but House Democratic…

5 months ago

Is Trump Senile? Former President Repeatedly Gets James Comer’s Name Wrong

Trump shows more signs of mental decline as repeatedly gets the name of House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY)…

5 months ago

Kristen Welker Jeopardizes National Security With Disgraceful Trump Meet The Press Interview

Not only did new Meet The Press moderator Kristen Welker allow Trump to lie, but she also gave him the…

5 months ago

Kristen Welker Helps Trump Whitewash His Coup

New Meet The Press moderator Kristen Welker did not get off to an encouraging start, as she allowed Trump to…

5 months ago

Jamie Raskin Perfectly Explains Why Trump Should Go To Jail If Convicted

Rep. Jamie Raskin pointed out that there are currently people serving years in jail for counterfeiting one vote while Donald…

7 months ago

Profile In Spinelessness Mike Pence Refuses To Answer If He Would Pardon Trump

Donald Trump sent a mob to the Capitol to go after Mike Pence on 1/6, but the former vice president…

8 months ago

NBC Finally Gets Rid Of Chuck Todd On Meet The Press

Chuck Todd announced on Sunday that he is leaving Meet The Press, but his trained choice Kristen Welker is taking…

9 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Makes It Clears Democrats Won’t Bail Out McCarthy On Debt Limit

During an interview on Meet The Press, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries rejected the idea of giving Kevin McCarthy a…

10 months ago

Chuck Todd Blows Up Jim Jordan’s Select Committee To His Face

Chuck Todd took apart Jim Jordan's rationale for his special select committee during an interview on Meet The Press.

1 year ago

Watch Chuck Todd Stop Rep. Nancy Mace As She Lies About Trump Classified Docs

Rep. Nancy Mace tried to claim that everyone knew where Trump's stolen classified documents were, but Chuck Todd stopped her…

1 year ago

Even Chuck Todd Appears To Be Looking Ahead To When Hakeem Jeffries Is Speaker

NBC's Chuck Todd asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries if he will be able to restore strength to the House if he…

1 year ago

Hakeem Jeffries Just Devastated House Republicans In A Minute

House Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said that the MAGA chaos of the past week might only be the…

1 year ago

Even For Chuck Todd, Arguing Against A Criminal Referral Of Trump Is A New Low

Chuck Todd said that he could argue both sides of a Trump criminal referral, but he only argued why Trump…

1 year ago

Elizabeth Warren Shoots Down Chuck Todd And Gives Biden Credit For Midterm Win

Chuck Todd tried to claim that voters preferred Republicans on 4 out of 5 issues, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)…

1 year ago

Liz Cheney Goes Off And Wipes The Floor With Kevin McCarthy

During an appearance on Meet The Press, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) wrecked Rep. Kevin McCarthy and said that he is…

1 year ago

Bernie Sanders Schools Chuck Todd On Why Inflation Is Not Biden’s Fault

On Meet The Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) explained to Chuck Todd why Republicans blaming Biden for inflation is bogus.

1 year ago

Chuck Todd Betrays America By Hosting 1/6 Denier On Meet The Press

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd gave Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) a platform on network television to claim that the…

1 year ago

Kamala Harris Turns The Tables As Chuck Todd Tries To Divide Democrats

Vice President Kamala Harris turned the tables on Chuck Todd as he tried to divide Democrats.

1 year ago

Republican Strategist Gets Shredded For Claiming Abortion Is Not A Top 4 Issue

Republican strategist Matt Gorman tried to claim that abortion is not a top four issue and he was shredded by…

1 year ago

Adam Schiff Schools Chuck Todd On Why Trump Should Be Prosecuted

NBC's Chuck Todd suggested that the country was too divided for Trump to be charged, but Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)…

2 years ago

AOC Says SCOTUS Justices Kavanaugh, Barrett, And Thomas Committed Impeachable Offenses

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Sunday that she believes that three conservative Supreme Court justices committed impeachable offenses.

2 years ago

Trump Should Worry After Liz Cheney Makes An Ominous Statement About The 1/6 Investigation

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said on Sunday that the committee has not uncovered a single thing that makes her less…

2 years ago

Even Chuck Todd Has Caught On That Trump Is An Authoritarian

After Bill Barr described Trump as surrounding himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear, Chuck Todd…

2 years ago

“If You’re Attacking Me, You’re Attacking Science” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Marsha Blackburn and Other GOP Lawmakers [VIDEO]

Slowly but surely, the fight against COVID-19 is coming to an end. A fair amount of people in the country…

3 years ago

WATCH: Tim Scott Argues That Systemic Racism Doesn’t Exist by Saying He’s Been Pulled Over for Being Black 18 Times

A big talking point for the current incarnation of the GOP is that racism doesn't exist. During his recent address…

3 years ago

John Boehner Blames Obama Speeches For Increasingly Racist GOP Lawmakers

While promoting his new book, John Boehner has been more than willing to criticize Republicans like Donald Trump and Ted…

3 years ago

Trump Trade Adviser Appears To Admit Executive Orders Are Toothless

Trump's own trade adviser Peter Navarro admitted that Trump's executive orders were guidance to the Executive Branch, not policies to…

4 years ago

Trump To Be Investigated For Soliciting Chinese Election Interference

House Intel Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff said that Trump's solicitation of Chinese election interference will be investigated to protect…

4 years ago

WH Trade Adviser Admits That Trump Made The Pandemic Worse

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro admits that Trump made the pandemic worse than it needed to be by not getting…

4 years ago

Historian Jon Meacham Slams Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing Infomercials

Historian Jon Meacham said that Trump's coronavirus briefings aren't informative, but they are infomercials intended to sell his response to…

4 years ago

Lamar Alexander Argues Trump Is Too Stupid To Call Barr To Launch Biden Investigation

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) suggested that Trump was too dumb to call his own DOJ to launch a Biden investigation,…

4 years ago

Republicans Falsely Accuse Obama Of Impeachable Offenses To Defend Trump

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) couldn't defend Trump on the facts, so he accused Obama of impeachable offenses.

4 years ago

Chuck Todd Just Realized That Republicans Intentionally Lie

NBC's Chuck Todd had a revelation after years of Republican false statements that Republicans are intentionally lying to the press…

4 years ago

Chuck Todd Nails Ted Cruz For Lying About Impeachment

Ted Cruz tried to lie and claim that there had to be a crime for the president to be impeached,…

4 years ago

GOP Senator Pushes Russian Conspiracy Theory Then Admits He Blew Off Intel Briefing

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) pushed a Russian conspiracy theory then admitted to blowing off a briefing debunking the conspiracy theory.

4 years ago

Chuck Todd Busts Sen. John Kennedy Pushing Russian Propaganda

Chuck Todd called out Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) for pushing a conspiracy theory on Ukraine election interference that belongs to…

4 years ago

Rand Paul Ties Himself Into Knots Trying Not To Blame Trump For Kentucky Election Disaster

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went out of his way to not blame Trump for Gov. Matt Bevin's loss in Kentucky.

4 years ago

White House Admits USS John McCain Was Hidden So Trump Wouldn’t Get Upset

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admitted that they hid the USS John McCain from Trump because they knew…

5 years ago

Chuck Todd Shreds Sarah Sanders For Saying Trump Sides With N. Korea Against Biden

Chuck Todd took Sarah Sanders apart for saying that Trump sided with North Korea against former vice president Joe Biden.

5 years ago

Sally Yates Says Trump Would Be Indicted If He Wasn’t President

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates said that she had prosecuted obstruction of justice cases that had less evidence than…

5 years ago

John Brennan Blasts Trump For Enabling Saudi Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

John Brennan laid the blame for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the feet of Donald Trump because the president…

5 years ago

Chuck Todd Thinks Congress Should ‘Draw Up Articles of Impeachment’

The top political reporter for NBC News, Chuck Todd, went on The Today Show on Wednesday and said that if…

6 years ago

John Brennan Threatens Lawsuit To Prevent Trump Revoking More Security Clearances

Former CIA Director John Brennan said that he is willing to get his name dragged through the mud and go…

6 years ago

When Confronted With A Donald Trump Jr. Crime, GOP Senator Calls For Mueller Investigation To End

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) responded to a question about Donald Trump Jr. potentially committing a crime by lying to Congress…

6 years ago

Adam Schiff Busts Devin Nunes For Illegal Coordination With Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he wants to know if House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) leaked…

6 years ago

Kellyanne Conway Blames Democrats For Not Building More Prisons For Kids

The problem according to Kellyanne Conway isn't immigrant kids are being taken away from their parents, but that Democrats won't…

6 years ago

Sen. Jeff Flake Offers More Empty Words, But No Action On Stopping Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told Republicans that they need to speak up more against Trump's lies, but the Arizona Senator…

6 years ago

Adam Schiff Rocks Trump’s World By Saying Don Jr. Might Be A Mueller Target

On Meet The Press, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that one of the two possible reasons that Mueller has not…

6 years ago

James Comey Destroys Trump’s Russia Scandal Defense In 18 Seconds

On Meet The Press, James Comey destroyed the foundation of Trump's Russia scandal defense in just 18 seconds.

6 years ago

The Republican Failure To Protect Mueller’s Investigation Is Leading Us To A Constitutional Crisis

Several rumors continue circulating that Mr. Trump wants to fire the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of…

6 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Tells Meet The Press She’s Not Running For President

In an interview to be aired Sunday morning on Meet the Press Chuck Todd asked Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts…

6 years ago

John Boehner Admits He’s Completely Clueless About The Republican Sequester

On Meet the Press today, Speaker Boehner said, 'I don't know whether it's going to hurt the econonmy or not.…

11 years ago

John McCain Cracks Up After David Gregory Calls Out His Benghazi Conspiracy

John McCain peddled his Benghazi cover up conspiracy theory on Meet The Press, but cracked up when old friend David…

11 years ago

Eric Cantor Embarrasses Himself Playing Sequester Blame Game

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) fell in line with the Republicans' sequester strategy by playing the blame game, saying…

11 years ago

While Lying about Everything, Paul Ryan Accuses Obama of Dishonesty

Paul Ryan (R-WI) spent an entire clip impugning President Obama's motives and then wrapped it up by lecturing that we…

11 years ago

Obama Calls Out Republicans for Being Rich Protecting Deficit Reduction Frauds

President Obama called out the called out the the Republicans as deficit reduction frauds, and turned the fiscal cliff into…

11 years ago

All 31 Pro-Gun Rights Senators Declined to Appear on Meet the Press

Meet the Press reached out to all 31 pro-gun rights Senators to appear on the show to discuss their views.…

11 years ago

Lawrence O’Donnell Completely Destroys Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press

If you ever wondered why Republicans won't go on Lawrence O'Donnell's show, watch him use Newt Gingrich's own words against…

11 years ago

Grover Norquist Throws a Tantrum Over Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Hardball

With his power evaporating, Grover Norquist responded to the White House's fiscal cliff hardball by throwing a tantrum and blaming…

11 years ago

Romney Surrogates Get Beaten Down by David Gregory and Fox News for Jeep Lies

Today, a relentless assault on Romney's auto lies dominated on the Sunday shows, from Fox News to David Gregory.

11 years ago

Plouffe Points Out that Romney Will Rubber Stamp the Tea Party Agenda

On 'Meet the Press' this morning, Senior Advisor David Plouffe pointed out that Mitt Romney would be a rubberstamp for…

11 years ago

Rachel Maddow Busts David Gregory’s Rape Dodge for Romney

On Meet The Press today, David Gregory was caught red handed trying to distance Mitt Romney from Todd Akin and…

11 years ago

Rachel Maddow Slams Romney for Lying About Jeep Moving Production to China

On Meet The Press today, Rachel Maddow used the lie about Jeep moving production to China to slam Romney for…

11 years ago

Rubio Confirms That Romney Will Sign Bill Banning Abortion

Romney surrogate Sen. Marco Rubio confirmed a troubling fact: as President, Mitt Romney would sign a bill banning abortion. He…

11 years ago

Chris Christie Goes Off Script and Raises Expectations for Romney in Debates

Chris Christie told NBC's David Gregory that Romney was going to change the entire narrative of the campaign on Wednesday's…

11 years ago

David Gregory Rolls Out the Red Carpet for a Corporate Media Romney Infomercial

No one puts on a better show of pretending to push back with stern looks while his words actually just…

11 years ago

Ann Romney Says It’s Ridiculous That You Think They Don’t Have Empathy

While extolling her own suffering, Ann Romney complained about how You People have demonized the great compassion evinced in The…

11 years ago

Rachel Maddow Kills the Romney/Ryan Medicare Lie Dead In its Tracks

Rachel Maddow delivered a quick knock out punch to the Republican lie that Mitt Romney doesn't support Paul Ryan's Medicare…

12 years ago

Romney Campaign Claims He Retired Retroactively (But Kept All of the Profits)

Romney campaign made a new argument on Meet the Press for why he's not responsible for the outsourcing of Bain;…

12 years ago

Obama: Mitt Romney is the Opposite of Robin Hood

While attending the NATO summit in Chicago, President Obama kept up the pressure on Romney and his self-enrichment record at…

12 years ago

Robert De Niro Eviscerates the Right’s MSM Lap Dogs Who Bash Obama

Robert De Niro knocked down the right wing, mainstream media framing of liberals thrown at him on Meet the Press.

12 years ago

Rachel Maddow Makes History and Triumphs over the War On Women

Republicans tried to target Rachel Maddow in their war on women, but Maddow made history by calling out the GOP's…

12 years ago

Vast Right Wing Media Conspiracy: 70% of Sunday Show Guests Are Republicans

Contrary to Mitt Romney's claims of vast left wing media conspiracy, a new study by FAIR has found that 70%…

12 years ago

Bill Cosby Blasts Obama Haters Un-American Behavior

In two different interviews that aired today, Bill Cosby called out Obama haters, their motivations, and labeled their behavior as…

12 years ago

A Warning from Rachel Maddow about Moral Cost of Apathy towards War

On Meet The Press, Rachel Maddow discussed her new book and troubling development of collective American apathy towards perpetual war.

12 years ago

The Palinization of Rand Paul

After a humiliating stint on the Rachel Maddow show wherein Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul demonstrated a special talent…

14 years ago