Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly: The Media is Making January 6th Out to Be So Much Bigger Than it Was

Megyn Kelly was, at one point, one of the biggest stars in Conservative media. Her attempts to move away from…

2 months ago

Megyn Kelly Twitter Dragged After Falsely Claiming Pete Buttigieg Wasn’t First Openly Gay Man Confirmed to a Cabinet Post

When Megyn Kelly was terminated by NBC in January of 2019, the network still had to pay her tens of…

8 months ago

Megyn Kelly Claims She’s Leaving New York City Over Liberal Response to George Floyd Killing

At one point, Megyn Kelly was Fox News shining star. She was paid well and had huge ratings. She decided…

10 months ago

Megyn Kelly Desperately Seeks Relevance by Slamming Kamala Harris’ Jacob Blake Visit

Not too long ago, Megyn Kelly was sitting on top of the world. She had parlayed her massive ratings at…

1 year ago

NBC Owned Station That Serves Newtown, CT Won’t Air Megyn Kelly/Alex Jones Interview

The NBC station that serves the town where the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre took place will not be airing Megyn…

4 years ago

Fox News In Chaos After Megyn Kelly Bolts To NBC

Megyn Kelly's decision to dump Fox News for NBC is a blow to Fox News that has sent their primetime…

5 years ago

This Is Why People Don’t Trust The Media: TV Networks Hold Off The Record Meeting With Trump

Television network bosses fueled the public's distrust of their reporting by going to Trump Tower and holding a secret off…

5 years ago

Maybe Now the Media Will Do Its Job After Helping Elect Trump

The news media really has a very simple job; report the truth even if it is reporting the truth that…

5 years ago

Megyn Kelly Drops A Bomb And Confirms That The Media Was Secretly In The Bag For Trump

During an interview on Fox News's Media Buzz program, Megyn Kelly accused several members of the media of coordinating "hits"…

5 years ago

Trump Got Such Great Media Coverage By Bribing The Mainstream Press

Donald Trump got positive media coverage during his presidential campaign by bribing members of the press, according to a new…

5 years ago

Fox News Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Clinton

"If she gets elected on November 8th, this isn't going away. So what needs to happen, special prosecutor? She can't…

5 years ago

Trump Congratulates Newt Gingrich For Getting His Butt Kicked By Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump couldn't hide his joy over Newt Gingrich yelling at Megyn Kelly, even though to the rest of America,…

5 years ago

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly Annihilates Trump And Launches A Full Scale GOP Civil War

Megyn Kelly took down Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich while destroying the Republican presidential nominee, and igniting the next phase of…

5 years ago

Fox News Is Suicidal After Hillary Clinton Trounced Trump At Presidential Debate

Fox News is nearly suicidal after Donald Trump was routed by Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate.

5 years ago

Megyn Kelly Tells Katrina Pierson The Media Didn’t Force Trump to Be a Birther

"The media didn't force him to come out and take a position being a birther, but he did!"

5 years ago

The End Is Near For Fox News As Network Faces A Bloodbath If Trump Loses

The end is near for the current era of Fox News. The network could be facing what is being reported…

5 years ago

Fox News In Turmoil As Megyn Kelly May Bolt From Crumbling Network

As the Murdochs try to hold together Fox News in the middle of the worst sexual harassment scandal in media…

5 years ago

Bombshell: Megyn Kelly Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes

Fox News star Megyn Kelly reportedly told investigators that Roger Ailes also sexually harassed her.

5 years ago

Megyn Kelly Tries Her Best to Soften Donald Trump’s Image in Prime Time Interview

Much of the highly anticipated interview seemed like a choreographed attempt by both Trump and Kelly to soften the presumptive…

5 years ago

Fox News Helps Trump Try To Con America Into Believing He’s Bernie Sanders

A clip from the upcoming Megyn Kelly Fox special with Donald Trump showed the Republican frontrunner trying to reinvent himself…

5 years ago

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