Mehmet Oz

Danger Ahead: Mehmet Oz’s Abortion Answer Reveals The Extremist Behind The TV Pitchman Façade

The world Oz, and really the party he is serving, envisions is one where local political leaders wield the ultimate…

7 months ago

John Fetterman Lead Causes PA Senate Race To Be Moved To Lean Democrat

The Cook Political Report has moved the Pennsylvania US Senate contest from toss-up to lean Democrat.

10 months ago

Oz Appears To Falsely Claim That Hundreds Of People Met Him At A Diner After John Fetterman Drew 1,300+ For A Rally

Mehmet Oz claimed that a couple of hundred people met him and were cheering for him at a diner, but…

10 months ago

John Fetterman Is Blowing Out Oz As He Leads 52%-38% In Nonpartisan Poll

A new nonpartisan poll of the Pennsylvania US Senate election finds Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) leading Mehmet Oz (R)…

10 months ago

John Fetterman Has Stevie Van Zandt Brutally Take Down Mehmet Oz

Former Sopranos actor and E Street Band Guitarist Stevie Van Zandt told Oz that he is in over his head…

10 months ago

Republicans Admit That Herschel Walker Is Losing To Raphael Warnock In Georgia

Republicans are expressing concerns that their Senate candidates are blowing it, specifically pointing to Herschel Walker losing to Raphael Warnock…

10 months ago

John Fetterman To Fly Banners Along South New Jersey Shore Welcoming Oz Home

John Fetterman's campaign has a New Jersey homecoming prepared for their Senate opponent Mehmet Oz that includes banners welcoming the…

11 months ago

John Fetterman Busts Oz Filming His Pennsylvania Senate Campaign Ad In New Jersey

Mehmet Oz was caught having filmed his new Pennsylvania US Senate campaign ad at his mansion in New Jersey.

11 months ago

John Fetterman Is Spending The 4th Of July Obliterating Mehmet Oz

Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is out with a new video that is an absolute destruction of his PA US…

11 months ago