Opinion: Patriotism Means Rejecting Trump’s Sh*t hole Vision for America

Trump citizenship question

The most patriotic thing an American can do is reject Donald Trump’s sh*t hole “vision” for America. It’s not because Donald Trump proposed it. It’s because his “vision” consistently brought war and political instability every time it was tried by ordinary countries in history who were trying to achieve the exceptionalism that America already has. Exceptionalism doesn’t mean perfection. read more

Opinion: Melania Trump’s Inner Romanov Came Out To Fire Mira Ricardel

Melania Trump has a Romanov complex. There were signs of it with the casual way she throws tax payer money away, beginning with her decision to stay in New York for several months following her husband’s inauguration. read more

Trump Calls Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ As Melania Claims to be the Most Bullied Person

From the most powerful bully pulpit in the world, Donald Trump called Stormy Daniels "Horseface" Tuesday morning, as he mocked her for the lawsuit she filed against him after her defamation suit against the president was dismissed because Trump's threats against her were protected by free speech laws.

Twitter Toasts Melania For Saying She Is ‘The Most Bullied Person’

In an exclusive interview with ABC News during her tour of Africa, first lady Melania Trump claimed she is the “most bullied person in the world.” Needless to say there are a lot people who disagree with her, and many of them went to Twitter to express their opinions. read more

Omarosa Says Trump Asked Cohen To Protect Him From Melania

Trump's bad day gets even worse as Omarosa dropped a new tape and told Chris Matthews that Trump asked Michael Cohen to protect him from his wife.

Melania Trump’s Parents Used Chain Migration to Become U.S. Citizens

In November of last year Donald Trump tweeted:

“CHAIN MIGRATION must end now! Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

CHAIN MIGRATION must end now! Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE! pic.twitter.com/PQGeTTdRtX read more

Melania Trump Charges For Pictures And Mandates They Can Only Be Used In Positive News Stories

Melania Trump cut a deal where news organizations indirectly paid the Trumps royalties for pictures that were only to be used for positive coverage.

Rumors Continue As White House Says Melania Will Appear Tonight

Abducted by aliens?  Living with the Obamas? Secretly living in New York?

First Lady Melania Trump has not been seen in public since May 10th, and the rumor mill on social media has been going wild with speculation:  where is she and what is she doing?  Is her health OK? read more

When Trump Was Asked About Melania’s Health, He Babbled About Her Poll Numbers

During a lunch with Republican Senators, Trump was about his wife’s health and started rambling about her poll numbers.

This is so Trump:

Trump told senators today that Melania is doing well and thanked them for the well wishes. read more

White House Admits Melania Trump Stole Anti-Bullying Program From Obama

In a statement from the White House, the administration admitted that Melania Trump added her name to the 2009 Obama era FTC anti-bullying document and branded it as her own.

The White House Communications Office said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA : read more

Trump Tries To Hold Melania’s Hand And Gets Totally Shot Down

Trump tried to hold the hand of his wife as they welcomed French President Macron and his wife to the White House, but the First Lady wanted no party of PDA with her adulterous husband.

First Lady Welcomes WH Christmas Tree As POTUS Prepares To Fill America’s Stockings With Tax Hikes

White House Christmas Tree

Republicans are on the verge of passing a tax plan that would both raise taxes for the majority of Americans and bust the budget wide open.

Melania Trump Sacrifices Credibility As Cyber-Bullying Opponent to Stand By Her Man’s Cyber-Bullying

Sarah Jones has done stellar reporting Donald Trump’s latest misogynistic twitter attack, this one directed at Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough and the aftermath as evidence digs a bigger hole for Mr. Trump.

Watch Melania Struggle To Not Burst Out Laughing As Incoherent Trump Babbles On

Donald Trump went off on one of his unhinged rants and his wife struggled to keep a straight face as the self-important president babbled away.

Petition Demands Melania Trump Move Into White House or Pay Back Taxpayers

"Make Melania Trump stay in the White House or pay for the expenses herself," the expenses being between $127,000 and $146,000 each day

Opinion: Swindler Trump Is Using the White House to Rip Off Taxpayers 

Trump is personally profiting from every golf excursion, every luncheon date and his family’s business trips. Americans are pouring their tax dollars directly into the Trump organization.