Melissa Harris-Perry Takes A Stand By Refusing To Be An MSNBC Token Or Mammy

After she was placed back on the MSNBC schedule for the South Carolina Democratic primary after weeks of being off of the air and months of behind the scenes trouble, Melissa Harris-Perry took a stand and told MSNBC that she would not be their token or mammy by hosting her show this weekend.

Things Go Horribly Wrong For Fox News When They Try to Use Mitt Romney to Smear MSNBC

It was a classic Fox fail on Fox News Sunday as Chris Wallace tried everything he could think of to get Mitt Romney to criticize MSNBC, but Romney ruined the whole segment by refusing to play along.

Melissa Harris-Perry Delivers a Tearful and Completely Unnecessary Apology to Mitt Romney

Melissa Harris-Perry delivered a heartfelt and tearful, but unnecessary apology to Mitt Romney today that demonstrated the hypocrisy of the media's treatment of the left.

CNN Disgraces Journalism With Hit Piece That Tries to Get Melissa Harris-Perry Fired

The "new" CNN revealed their true colors today by running a hit piece on Melissa Harris-Perry that is designed to get her fired.

Melissa Harris-Perry: America Isn’t A Safe Place For Our Black Sons

On her MSNBC show today, an emotional Melissa Harris-Perry said out loud what many people are thinking. America isn't a safe place for African-American boys.

Newsflash: Sarah Palin Comes Out Against Education

Sarah Palin thinks that Melissa Harris-Perry's ad calling for an investment in public education is evidence that MSNBC thinks your children don't belong to you.