Trump Ignores Fallen Heroes In Memorial Day Impeachment Rant

Trump offered no personal message to the families of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country but spent Memorial Day ranting about impeachment.

Trump Disrespects The Sacrifices Of The Fallen With Obama Conspiracy Memorial Day Rant

Donald Trump couldn't honor those who have sacrificed for our country on this Memorial Day without going on a deranged Obama conspiracy rant.

Trump’s Budget Was a Pre-Memorial Day Weekend One Finger Salute To Our Vets

This Memorial Day weekend is about paying tribute to the men and women who fought our wars. They deserve honor and respect that shouldn’t be limited to one day.

While Obama Eloquently Remembers America’s Fallen Heroes, Trump Lies To Vets

President Obama eloquently remembered America's fallen heroes on this Memorial Day weekend, while Donald Trump again postponed disclosing how much money he raised for veterans.

Contrary To McConnell’s Election Promises, GOP Senate Majority Proves To Be Dysfunctional

Just over six months after winning back the Senate, Mitch McConnell's GOP majority is proving to be more dysfunctional than ever.

Obama Receives Multiple Standing Ovations For Memorial Day Speech Thanking The Troops

In a Memorial Day speech that saw him receive several standing ovations, President Obama thanked the troops who came home and those who didn't and marked the first Memorial Day in 14 years in which the United States was not fighting a ground war in Afghanistan.

Koch-Republicans Remember Soldiers’ Sacrifice With A Veterans Healthcare Coupon Scam

The privatization scam amounts to a yearly-issued, and set amount, coupon to purchase healthcare services at a private hospital or doctor's office, or use as a discount card to purchase a private insurance policy.

Memorial Day: For Those Who Fall

We have but one life to give, and we ought to act like that life means something, even when - especially when - it is not our own.

If Republicans Really Supported The Troops They Wouldn’t Propose Privatizing the VA

If Republicans supported the troops and appreciated the sacrifice of those who made it home alive then they would not propose privatizing the Veterans Administration.

Nine Years; Watching Military Sacrifices Unfold from Outside

We can debate the merits of war, but over the last nine years I have the seen undebatable sacrifices made by those who serve our country and their families.

GOP Dishonors Veterans’ Sacrifice with Benefit Cuts and Privatized Healthcare Schemes

America promised its veterans to provide health care after their sacrifice and service, and the GOP dishonors them by cutting their benefits and promoting privatizing their health care.