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Silence on San Bernardino School Shooting Speaks Shuddering the Soul

Silence on San Bernardino School Shooting Speaks Shuddering the Soul

That this this school shooting went by without any substantive cries to address our nation’s gun culture and safety laws,…

7 years ago

We Have To Get It Right: Only Gun Owners With Lots of Guns Tend to be Angry, Unstable, Impulsive

Gun research is scarce so when it does come out progressive gun regulation advocates have to report on it accurately.

8 years ago

Regarding Mass Shootings, The United States’ Motto Is ‘We’re Number One!’

We're number one. No, not in education, health or any other social programs, but in gun crimes. As of June…

9 years ago

Republican Budget Cuts Are Literally Causing People to Freeze to Death In the Streets

As tragic as the number of Americans freezing to death is, it is the number of Americans who are homeless…

10 years ago

Republicans Have Lost Their Grip on Reality and Are Disregarding the Constitution

Republicans have lost their grip on reality and it manifest itself their blatant disregard for the Constitution save the 2nd…

10 years ago

When Pressed Conservatives Can’t Name One Reality Based Example of Obama Tyranny

It is noteworthy that regardless the cries of tyranny, conservative and libertarian devotees never cite one example that could be…

11 years ago

The Republican Obsession With Obstructing Obama is Endangering the Country

The GOP's insane obsession with obstructing the President is a danger to economic recovery and 98% of the population.

11 years ago

The GOP’s Vorpal Blade of Cognitive Dissonance Goes Snicker-Snack!

Reality is the ultimate enemy of Republican ideology, so Tom Tancredo picks up his vorpal blade and shows himself asylum-ready

11 years ago

Our Government’s Immoral Abandonment of People with Mental Illness

Despite the fact that people with mental illnesses end up in systems that cost taxpayers more money, state governments continue…

12 years ago