Bannon and Maher Say Avenatti Could Be “The Trump of 2020”

Michael Avenatti was in New Hampshire yesterday, raising money for Democrats while he explores a presidential run.

Avenatti is emphatic about one thing. He is not on “a listening tour,” he told The Washington Post by phone, because that’s something politicians say. He is definitely not a politician. read more

Trump Gets Caught Obstructing Justice, Gives FBI Free Rein

Ever since it was announced that the FBI would do a further investigation of Brett Kavanaugh it has been difficult to figure out the exact scope of that investigation. And the events that unfolded last night made the situation even more confusing. read more

Avenatti Says He Will Reveal More Kavanaugh Gang Rape Witnesses ‘Soon’

Last night we reported that the FBI has already begun its additional investigation into the background of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We’ve also reported that there appear to be many provable claims that the nominee has committed criminal perjury, and his confirmation by the U.S. Senate is in serious jeopardy. read more

Why Victims Don’t Come Forward: Trump Trolls Force Michael Avenatti to Silence His Tweets

Bullish fighter Michael Avenatti, who takes on Trump and wins and wins and even if he loses an argument keeps winning the war, was just forced to make his account private on Twitter due to bots and Trump trolls he attributed to his representation of women regarding Kavanaugh. read more

Avenatti: ‘Brett Kavanaugh Is A Liar’ and His Claims Are ‘Laughable’

Like many people, Michael Avenatti thinks that Brett Kavanaugh’s interview on Fox News was pathetic, and his claims of being a virgin in high school are pathetic. He also thinks that Kavanaugh “is a liar.” read more

Avenatti Demands to Know When Republicans Knew About New Kavanaugh Allegations

Michael Avenatti is not playing. In an email Monday to Mr. Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Avenatti demanded a response to when members of the committee were aware of similar allegations and why they weren't investigated.

Michael Avenatti Has Multiple Witnesses That Brett Kavanaugh Participated In Gang Rapes

Attorney Michael Avenatti has multiple witnesses willing to testify that Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge participated in the drugging and gang raping of women at DC house parties in the 1980s.

Michael Avenatti Represents A Second Woman With Info On Brett Kavanaugh

Attorney Michael Avenatti is demanding that the Kavanaugh nomination be withdrawn after he announced that he is representing a second woman who has information on Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.

To Keep Trump From Testifying, Cohen Tries to Tear Up Daniels Contract

The shell company established by Michael Cohen has agreed to tear up the 2016 “hush money” agreement with Trump mistress Stormy Daniels — and demanded that she repay the $130,000 payment she received, according to CNN. They also reported that Cohen’s lawyer claims that this latest action will “effectively put an end to the lawsuits” filed by Daniels. read more

Michael Avenatti Trolls Trump With Competing Rally In Texas

Michael Avenatti has announced that he will be leading a big resistance rally to be held at the same time as Trump's rally in Texas.

Michael Avenatti: The World Is Crumbling Around Trump And His Criminal Enterprise

Michael Aventatti responded to the grant of immunity to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg by saying that the world is crumbling around Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise.

Avenatti Files Motion to Expedite Depositions of Cohen and Trump

Michael Avenatti just can’t keep quiet. Yesterday he was on CNN and also gave another speech in Iowa. This morning he went to Twitter to announce that he wants a judge to expedite a motion he filed in April that would allow him to question Donald Trump and Michael Cohen under oath. He also attached a link to the original motion. read more

It Is 100% Certain That Michael Cohen Is Going To Provide Damaging Info On Trump Crimes

Michael Avenatti told MSNBC that it is a one hundred percent certainty that Michael Cohen is going to provide prosecutors with damaging information on Trump crimes.

Avenatti Excites Dems in N.H., Saying He’ll ‘Fight Fire With Fire’

Michael Avenatti appears to be serious about running for president. He was in New Hampshire over the weekend talking to Democrats, helping them raise money, and laying groundwork for a 2020 campaign in the state which holds the nation’s first primary. read more

Avenatti Creates Website to Help Launch His Run For the Presidency

Stormy Daniels lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has taken another step which shows his seriousness about running for president in two years.

On Thursday he announced that he has a new 2020-themed website called The site is currently empty but has the headline “All the President’s Con Men.” It also shows a black-and-white photo of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani wiping his face with a cloth. read more

Avenatti Fires Up Iowa Democrats As He Begins A Run For the Presidency

Democratic presidential hopefuls have already started to visit Iowa in advance of possible runs for the presidency in 2020. The latest national figure to find himself pressing the flesh among the cornfields was Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti. The famous trial attorney rose to prominence because of his legal and verbal attacks on President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen. read more

Avenatti Slams Dershowitz: You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

CNN host Anderson Cooper was asking for trouble when he asked two feisty lawyers onto his show at the same time last night.  In a “stormy” interview with Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz Cooper struggled to keep the discussion under control. Both lawyers made it appear that their main goal was to insult the other one as much as possible. read more

Avenatti Is Representing 3 New Women Paid Off By Trump; One Was Pregnant

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti announced Thursday night in Los Angeles that he is now providing legal representation for three additional women who were paid by Donald Trump, The National Enquirer, and Michael Cohen to keep quiet about their sexual relationships with President Trump.
He also said that one of the three women claimed to be pregnant at the time.
In a subsequent tweet he also called upon Cohen and Trump to release “all the documents, all the tapes, NOW.” read more

Avenatti: Trump Paid Off Multiple Women in 2016 and One Was Pregnant

Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti  posted on Twitter early Thursday morning a statement saying that he has new evidence proving Donald Trump and his attorney/fixer Michael Cohen paid off multiple women in 2016 during the presidential campaign, and they were concerned about one of them being pregnant. read more