Heavily-Armed White Oath Keepers Roam Ferguson Streets As Police Order Protesters To Disperse

On the anniversary of Michael Brown's murder, a group of heavily armed white militiamen paraded around playing army, and looking for trouble

If Detroit Blows, Will Water Shutoffs Feed The Fire?

Ever since the civil unrest occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked by the murder of Michael Brown by a police officer who got away with it, there have been anxious questioners wondering where else this type of unrest might catch fire.

A Bridge Too Far: Crowdfunding For Killer Cop Michael Slager Falls Flat

As of Thursday afternoon, Officer Michael Slager hadn't even reached his first 1000 dollars from crowdfunding sites.

The Tide Is Turning: Time Magazine Puts ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Its Cover

But this time, things were different. Here's what happens when things start to change. Time magazine, one of the most mainstream publications there is, puts "Black Lives Matter" on its cover.

Thanks For Doing The Right Thing, Mayor Summey

The question I suspect a lot of black folks are asking today in the wake of the recent murder-by-cop of Walter Scott, is "So do you believe us now?"

Ferguson Protesters Denounce Violence After Two Police Officers Shot And Wounded

Instead of the story being about Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson finally resigning, Thursday morning's headlines are filled with reports that two police officers were shot and wounded during protests in front of the Ferguson Police Department.

Madison Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Male Was Involved In Prior Fatal Shooting

Officer Matt Kenny was also involved in a fatal shooting of a white male in 2007.

Protesters March On Ferguson Police Department To Demand Change In Light Of DOJ Report

Hours after the Department of Justice released a report Wednesday highlighting systemic racial discrimination committed by the Ferguson Police Department, protesters gathered in front of the police station in Ferguson to call for change and the dismantling of the current department.

Police Union Official Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Wristband Starts Brawl At St. Louis Meeting

Jeff Roorda, the business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, interrupted a meeting at St. Louis City Hall Wednesday evening and sparked a melee when he pushed a young black woman to the ground.

It’s On! Ben “I’m not crazy” Carson Exploring 2016 Presidential Bid

Feeling "fingers from God" but assuring us he is not crazy, Ben Carson has appointed an Iowa operative for a possible presidential run in 2016

Part Two Of Ferguson Grand Jury: Prosecutor Tricks Of The Trade

Witnesses, experts and evidence would supposedly direct the jurors to a final decision; either the return of a True Bill indictment, followed by a trial, or no charge at all.

If Protesters Are Responsible For Officers’ Deaths, So Then Are The Tea Party

Are the protesters responsible for the death of the officers? If yes, then the Tea Party is responsible for the death of the two Las Vegas officers.

President Obama Explains That Discussion Regarding Race Issues Is Healthy For The Nation

During a comprehensive interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep that was released Monday, President Obama spoke at length on a number of hot-button topics and issues that have come to the forefront in 2014. One of the issues he touched on was race relations in this country.

Ferguson Protesters Spend Christmas Night Rebuilding Vandalized Michael Brown Memorial

After midnight had struck and another Christmas had passed, activists and protesters in and around Ferguson got word that a memorial in honor of slain teenager Michael Brown had been run over by a car and basically destroyed. they spent the next two hours rebuilding it.

Fox News Condemns President Obama Over Ferguson Protester Attending DOJ Meeting

During Wednesday morning's episode of Fox & Friends, Peter Johnson, Jr. and Tucker Carlson said the Department of Justice investigation into Michael Brown's death was discredited because they "sought advice" from radical Ferguson protester and livestreamer Bassem Masri.

Questions Arise As Another Black Teen Shot And Killed By White Cop Near St. Louis

Late Tuesday night a white police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old black male after an interaction at a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri.

Blame N.Y. Officers Deaths On Convicted Criminal With A Gun, Not Obama

However, as Americans have witnessed more and more,  when police kill citizens, especially unarmed African American citizens, no one is held accountable and failure to praise the killings is an outrage.

Fox Affiliate Deceptively Edits Protest Footage To Show Protesters Chanting “Kill A Cop”

Baltimore news station Fox45 ran a story Sunday night attacking protests against police brutality and racial disparity by running deceptively edited footage to suggest protesters were chanting "kill a cop" during a demonstration.

Prosecutor Admits He Let Witnesses Who “Absolutely Lied” Testify Before Ferguson Grand Jury

In an interview with a St. Louis radio station Friday, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch admitted he let witnesses who "clearly were not telling the truth" testify before a grand jury that decided not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.