Michael Savage

A Befuddled Donald Trump Claims Hillary Clinton Has a ‘Highly Overrated Intellect’

"I understand the subject matter very well. I don't think she does. I think she frankly is a highly overrated…

6 years ago

‘Oh Yeah?’ Says Michael Savage to Plagiarism Charge, Hillary ‘Looks like Stalin’s Housekeeper!’

Not only is this a lame comeback, its a recycled comeback, since he said the same thing about the wife…

7 years ago

Anti-Vaxxer Trump Claims Immigrants are Bringing Back Previously Eliminated Diseases

Trump complained "people are pouring into this country and, in many cases they’re not well people, in many respects.”

7 years ago

3 Million Muslims, 5 Million Assault Rifles – Muslims Are Not the Problem

How can Islam be the problem when there are just over 3 million Muslims in the United States, but over…

7 years ago

Republicans Are Starting to Feel the Bern Too, And it Freaks Them Out

Michael Savage says the Sanders revolution will claim the lives of rich white people and the middle class by mobs…

7 years ago

The Right Attacks Bernie Sanders As Michael Savage Calls Candidate a “Liberal Weasel Jew”

According to Michael Savage, Sanders is not only a "liberal weasel Jew" but secretly a front man for Clinton to…

7 years ago

Religious Right Encounters the Constitution and Tosses its Collective Cookies

The Religious Right had a bad week with Constitution. You wouldn't think people could be this, well, dirt stupid, but…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama

Donald Trump can't figure out why Jews support Obama. That is because there is no room for Jews in conservative…

8 years ago

The Incomprehensibly Stupid Things Said by Republicans in 2014

Shubhranshu Choudhary says "Journalism has to become everyone's business," but Fox News says journalism is nobody's business, including, especially, their…

8 years ago

98 Advertisers Pull Ads from Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh

The toxic environment that right wing talk radio has created is now destroying it as Premiere Networks is circulating a…

11 years ago

Michael Savage Claims Jon Stewart is the cause of anti-Semitism

On his radio show this morning, Michael Savage launched a vicious personal attack against Jon Stewart because The Daily Show…

12 years ago

Michael Savage Calls the Gulf Oil Spill Victims Welfare Deadbeats

On his radio show today Michael Savage went one step further than the rest of the Right on the subject…

13 years ago

The Bullies on the Right Stoop to Sexism to Oppose Kagan

The Right Wing is revealing both the dearth of their values as well as the utter emptiness in their opposition…

13 years ago