Michael Steele

Opinion: Yes, Liz Cheney and the Anti-Trump GOP Believe in Stealing Elections Too

Of course, these Republicans, strenuously posing as “principled,” remain quiet about their own election-stealing strategy, even as it sits ponderously…

12 months ago

WATCH: Former RNC Chair Steele Absolutely Destroys Lap-Dog Lindsey Graham

A long, long time ago, Lindsey Graham was seen as a senator willing to make deals on both sides of…

1 year ago

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Asks Republicans: How Do You Think Attempts of Suppressing the Black Vote End?

When Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election, the Republican party took a hard took at what went wrong. They…

1 year ago

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let’s Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump but rather constitutes a long-standing Republican tradition and political practice that, far…

1 year ago

Michael Steele Mocks Donald Trump For Raising More Money Now Then During Campaign Season

Donald frequently bragged about how much money his campaign was raising during election season. The truth was, however, that he…

1 year ago

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Slams Trump’s “Collaborators” Who Question His “Republican Principles”

Michael Steel responded to criticism of his opposition to Donald Trump on Tuesday by calling out "collaborators" whom he suggested…

2 years ago

Ex RNC Head Michael Steele Joins The Lincoln Project

Due to family drama, the Lincoln Project recently lost a founding member in George Conway. While the lawyer says he…

2 years ago

Former RNC Chair: Trump Is Trying To Dumb Down America On Impeachment

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that Trump is trying to dumb down the conversation on impeachment.

2 years ago

Report: ‘Vengeful Personality Cult’ Blackballs Trump Critics

Republican strategists who have publicly criticized Donald Trump are getting blackballed and losing jobs with GOP candidates, the Daily Beast…

3 years ago

Former RNC Chairman: Trump’s Racism Has Taken Over the GOP

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) knows a lot about racism. He is an African…

4 years ago

Michael Steele Says There Is a ‘Lot of Interest’ in Having Eric Cantor Run the RNC

Despite Eric Cantor's humiliating defeat on Tuesday, Michael Steele claims there is a lot of interest in getting him to…

8 years ago

The Weekly Round Up of the GOP Wing Nut Circus April 25, 2010

A weekly roundup of the Republican Wing Nut Circus, this week featuring the Ohio GOP telling women to get back…

12 years ago

Michael Steele Gets On His Knees and Proclaims His Love of Glenn Beck

RNC Chairman Michael Steele was on Fox Radio's Brian and The Judge show, and he left no doubt about who…

12 years ago