WATCH: Michael Wolff Says Rudy Giuliani Was So Drunk on Election Night That Trump Aides Were Concerned He Was Going to Break Priceless White House China

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There have been a number of tell all books recently released about Donald Trump‘s last days in office. And all of these books make the former president look pretty terrible.

If it is possible, though they make Rudy Giuliani look even worse. The former New York City Mayor not only bungled Trump’s election fight, but he was also reportedly drunk at all times. In fact, Michael Wolff says, the White House staff worried that he would break priceless china. read more

How Can You Be So Stupid? Trump Reportedly Exploded on Brad Parscale After Last Year’s Rally Failure in Tulsa

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Despite the fact that COVID-19 was ravaging the country, Donald Trump wanted to continue holding rallies last year. The first of these rallies was to be held in ruby red Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Trump campaign had big plans for the rally. There was not only sets inside, but also an overflow area outside where the former president would address the people who couldn’t get inside the building. read more