Anti-Gay Activist Claims Beauty and the Beast Promotes Inter-Species Breeding

"Swanson said the film is promoting inter-species breeding, which he said Hollywood has been pushing since the days of Star Trek."

Michele Bachmann Leads the Religious Right’s Unholy Chorus in Support of Donald Trump

Bachmann complains Trump's opponents are "rebelling against God" to create "a manmade, one-world system" the Bible doesn't even mention

Michele Bachmann Advising Donald Trump is the Ignorant Advising the Uninformed

“Our government has been perverted to be used to advance an ungodly agenda” and “undermine American values both abroad and here at home.”

Just When You Think There’s No Room for More Crazy, Michele Bachmann Says She’s Advising Trump

“He also recognizes there is a threat around the world, not just here in Minnesota, of radical Islam. I wish our President Obama also understood the threat of radical Islam and took it seriously.”

Trump’s Assassination Suggestion Is Typical For Republicans

Donald Trump

Trump's comment about violence against Hillary Clinton proves he is an NRA Republican and that guns are the solution to political rivals.

Unhinged Michele Bachmann Says God ‘Lifted Up’ Trump to Defeat Hillary

"[T]he most high God may have lifted up Trump, because very possibly he’s the only one that could defeat Hillary Clinton this fall."

The GOP’s Fact-Free Year of Hysterical Denunciations Just Got Worse

trump vets rally

Republican campaign craziness reaches new lows as their race to the top office becomes a scream-filled race to the bottom of the sewer

The Christian Jihadists Are at the Gates and They Want Your Rights

Christian jihadist terror is grasping at the heart of America, culminating in cries by presidential candidates usurp the Constitution

Radicalized Muslims? It’s Time to Speak of the Radicalization of Christians

The war on terror is not a simple matter of "us" versus "them" (radicalized Muslims) when so many of "us" are radicalized Christians

Michele Bachmann Says “Jesus is Coming Soon” and it’s Time to Convert the Jews

MIchele Bachmann shows what a true friend of Israel she is by calling for the conversion of the Jews as soon as possible

The GOP is Our Self-Made Punishment for Tolerating the Intolerable

The Republican Party has taken America for a nightmare ride, but this did not just happen overnight. We - Americans - let it happen

Michele Bachmann Says God Will Do Us Like Sodom, But the Real Threat is Republicans

More likely is man nailing his own planet. Republicans have a solid start on it, and they'd rather condemn gays than admit to global warming

Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult

The GOP is nothing more than a modern, reactionary cult designed to give religious justification for willful ignorance,bigotry, and bad behavior

Religious Right Leader Rick Wiles is Fascinated by Obama’s Privates

Obama 5 best jokes White House Correspondents' Dinner

You know the Religious Right, and maybe some of its male leaders, have got nothing when they start worrying about Obama's presidential package

Pat Robertson Says if We Keep Mocking Him, God Will Smack Us Down

There are a whole bunch of fundamentalists who are upset we don't take them seriously, which means, of course, that I will keep mocking them

Proof That Bigots Are Not the Best and Brightest

If you listen to the anti-gay rhetoric coming from the GOP, you realize just how desperately hateful and stupid these people are

Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III

In a radio interview, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asserted that President Obama's policies will lead to World War III.

Michele Bachmann Is Still Bonkers, Compares Obama To Deranged Germanwings Co-Pilot

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) compared President Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the deranged German co-pilot who crashed Germanwings Flight 9525, on her Facebook page Tuesday. Bachmann posted: read more

Jon Stewart Scorches Rand Paul And Ted Cruz Over Their State Of The Union Responses

During Wednesday night's broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took aim at the multiple Republican responses to this year's State of the Union address.

Baptist Pastor Unwittingly Calls Biblical Marriage a Perversion

Multiple wives are permitted by the Law of Moses, yet according to Pastor James, anything beyond 1 man + 1 woman is a perversion