Friday Fox Follies – Comedy Club Crisis

The news that Fox's Greg Gutfeld To Host His Own Comedy Show has caused crisis of confidence. Heretofore Friday Fox Follies treated all of Fox "News" as a meta-comedy/reality show -- a cross between The Colbert Report and the short-lived The Joe Schmo Show. Maybe only Greg Gutfeld is in on the joke.

More Righty on Righty Violence as Michelle Malkin Rips Glenn Beck

Michelle Malkin Rips Glenn Beck on His Own Show for Featuring Eric Massa

Glenn Beck hosted Michelle Malkin on his radio show today, presumably to discuss Eric Massa's appearance today on Beck's Fox News show, but he and Malkin got into a huge argument over why Beck is promoting and giving air time to Massa. Malkin asked Beck, "How much oxygen do you really want to give a guy who is trying to save his job?" Beck then questioned whether or not he and Malkin were on the same side.