Bernie Sanders Sounds The Alarm: Middle-Class Americans Will Foot The Bill For GOP Tax Scam

In order to pay for the deficit-busting tax plan, the Vermont senator said GOP lawmakers will be taking aim at key programs, like Social Security and Medicare. 

Nancy Pelosi Exposes GOP Tax Plan As A ‘Scam’ That Will Decimate Suburban Voters

If the GOP continues to embrace Trump and push for policies that put the donor class over the middle class, what happened on Tuesday will happen on a much larger scale in 2018 – and beyond.

Vets Organization Warns Trump Not To Sign GOP Bill That Harms Millions Of Consumers

"Every servicemember and veteran should have the right and responsibility to confront predatory loan practices," American Legion's Denise Rohan said in a statement.

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Sens. Flake And Corker For Helping Trump Rip Off The Middle-Class

"What really matters are not words, it's the actions," Warren said, blasting GOP senators who speak out against Trump but fail to back up those words with meaningful action.

Obama Stands Up For Working People With Promise To Veto The Republican Budget

obama veto Republican budget

President Obama celebrated Labor Day weekend with a promise to veto the Republican budget if it harms the middle-class.

New Hillary Ad Focuses on Reshuffling the Deck for the Middle Class

Clinton wants to reshuffle the deck for the middle class while the GOP, led by Trump, just want to destroy them and then blame the Mexicans

GOP Trickle Down Has 70% of Americans Near Financial Calamity

Instead of changing course and helping the majority of the population, Republicans still propose heaping wealth on the rich and increasing taxes on the bottom 90% of the population to complete the utter destruction of middle income earners. According to yet another report they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

President Obama Challenges Republicans To Put Up Or Shut Up On The Middle Class

obama middle class

President Obama is putting Republicans on notice. The president told Republicans today that he wanted to see their ideas for helping the middle-class. In other words, it is time for Republicans to put up, or shut up.

Bill Maher Drops A Reality Bomb On Republicans Who Pretend To Care About The Middle Class

bill maher middle class socialism

Bill Maher called out the Republican frauds who are pretending to care about the middle-class by hitting them on the head with the reality of where the middle-class came from.

A Stroke Of Obama’s Pen Will Lift 10.4 Million Workers Into the Middle Class

If the President simply adjusted the salary threshold for inflation since it was last raised in 1975, it would be a more significant income increase for over 10 million low and low middle-class American workers that raising the hourly wage to $15 per hour for the rest of the poverty-wage workforce.

John Boehner Plans To Help The Middle Class By Taking Away Healthcare and Raising Gas Prices

Speaker John Boehner outlined his plan to "help" the middle class during the Republican weekly address today, and his plan involved taking away health insurance from 1 million people and raising gas prices.

Decent Economic Growth Hides The Increasing Gap Between the Rich and Everyone Else

As long as the wealthy continue benefitting from the President's economic recovery, Republicans will stay the austerity course that continues retarding growth despite one 4th quarter report that GDP ticked up to 3 percent.

Are Wal-Mart’s Financials A Light Bulb Moment?

There was a little glimmer of light in the Southern skies last week. It wasn't exactly a light bulb flashing on over Wal-Mart corporate, but it did look as though someone was fumbling with the switch.

More Evidence That Mitt Romney Has No Clue How Real Americans Live

What Mitt Romney recently said about the rich and poor shows that he has no clue about the country. Here is how America really looks.