Trump Seeks Dershowitz Help with Kushner’s Failed Middle East Peace Plan

In 2017 Donald Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of creating a plan to bring peace to the Middle East. It didn’t seem to matter to the president that the greatest diplomats in history couldn’t accomplish this objective, and Jared had absolutely no experience in international diplomacy. read more

Crises in Middle East and North Korea and Trump Takes 18th Golf Trip in 12 Weeks

"Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf" Trump asked in 2014

Donald Trump’s Middle East Policy is Shaping Up to be a Disaster

Blame Trump's uninformed decision-making processes, which is based entirely on the faulty assumption that he is a “smart guy.”

John Kasich Proposes Federal Agency To “Push Christianity” On the Middle East

Kasich subscribes to the Republican delusion that the road to peace depends upon forcing extremist Christianity down Muslim throats

English Petition to Ban Trump Now Stands at 370,000 and Counting

The carefully crafted and nurtured Trump brand has been re-branded as something nobody wants overnight by Trump's radicalization

As His Leads Grow In Iowa And NH, Bernie Sanders Shows His Foreign Policy Chops

bernie sanders meet the press middle east

Bernie Sanders is building on his leads in Iowa and New Hampshire by showcasing his knowledge of foreign policy, and his peaceful path forward for the United States.

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Islamic State

In this book, Daniel Byman explores global jihadism from its beginnings in 1979 to today, from the mujaheddin to the menacing Islamic State

Jerusalem Post Deputy Managing Editor: Obama May Love Jews, But he is an Anti-Semite

We're back to President Obama being accused of anti-Semitism because he won't let Israel dictate America's foreign policy

The Islamic State – Other People’s Business?

Republicans like to blame Obama, but Bush had already created ISIL, and Obama cannot un-create them, because Obama cannot un-invade Iraq

Louie Gohmert Says Iraq War a Mistake. Because Obama

As Jeb has reminded us, Dubya is our problem, not his. Or Gohmert's. Or the Republican Party's, it seems

Now Israelis And Republicans Are Very Angry At The Pope

Recently, although Republicans love the Vatican's support for opposition to equal rights for women and the LGBT community, there has been growing enmity over the Pope's opposition to income inequality and anthropogenic climate change. The Pope finally went too far this past week when he failed to comply with Israel's agenda that Palestine will never be a sovereign state.

W. Part II: Jeb Bush Says He Relies On His Brother For Middle East Policy Advice

Jeb Bush admitted that his brother, former President George W. Bush, was his most trusted adviser on U.S.-Israel policy.

George W. Bush Reminds Americans Why He Was a Failure and An Idiot

It is true, George W. Bush is hapless, but he is also an idiot for not recognizing his own failures as president and in fact actually regards himself as a raging success.

Delusional Lindsey Graham Has No Chance Of Ever Being President

There is no person in America as self-aggrandizing as Senator Lindsey Graham whose self-imposed image as a brilliant foreign policy and international relations genius informs him he can be president.

While Israelis Terrorize Christians, Evangelicals Accuse Obama Of Persecuting Christ

What the evangelical right never, never ever, talks about is the persecution, barbarism, and hatred targeting Christians at the hands of Israeli Jews in the Holy Land and it leads one to wonder if America's neo-Christians are using President Obama as a surrogate for the Israelis targeting Christians for persecution.

Obama Relents and Gives Congress Veto Power Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The current President, Barack Obama, will go down in history for providing tens-of-millions of Americans with access to affordable health care, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, an historic climate change deal with China, and with the stroke of his pen, ceding executive branch authority over foreign policy to a Congress loyal to a foreign national.

Tom Delay’s GOP Crusade to Establish Theocracy Is Doomed To Fail

The latest indication that Republicans will enjoin the Catholic bishops' and religious right's war against the Constitution, was disgraced former speaker of the house Tom Delay who said unapologetically that, "gays undermine his religious liberty."

Republican And Netanyahu Bloodlust Drives Nuclear Deal Criticism

The neo-con's solution has been fulfilling Netanyahu's twenty-three year campaign for Americans to die in a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran primarily because Israel wants to be the only Middle East nation with an American-provided nuclear arsenal.

Finally America Will Re-evaluate Unconditional Backing For Israel

Regardless any Americans' opinion about the Jewish state, giving Israel free taxpayer money is supporting it; like it or not. Many Americans do not like it one bit; especially when this country is falling apart and Americans are hungry.