Mike Bloomberg

Trump Blows A Gasket After Mike Bloomberg Spends $100 Million To Help Biden In Florida

Trump blew up on Twitter after Mike Bloomberg announced that he will be spending $100 million to help Biden win…

2 years ago

Bloomberg Refuses To Drop Out And Is Mad At Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is angry that Democrats are rallying around Biden and taking votes away from him.

3 years ago

African-American Worshipers Turn Their Backs On Mike Bloomberg As He Speaks At Brown AME

Some African-American worshipers turned their backs on Mike Bloomberg as he spoke at Brown AME in Selma.

3 years ago

3 Things We Learned From Joe Biden’s South Carolina Blowout Win

Former Vice President Joe Biden blew out Bernie Sanders in South Carolina and his win provided some insight into where…

3 years ago

Here Are Winners And Losers Of The South Carolina Debate

Democrats held a big debate in South Carolina, and here are the candidates who rose to the challenge and those…

3 years ago

Bloomberg Accuses Sanders Supports Of Vandalizing Campaign Office

The Mike Bloomberg campaign is accusing Bernie Sanders supporters of vandalizing their campaign office in Knoxville, TN.

3 years ago

Democratic Debate: Who Won, Who Lost, and What You Need To Know

Democrats had their best debate yet in Nevada as Bloomberg and Sanders took fire from all sides as Biden, Buttigieg,…

3 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Is Destroying Bloomberg At The Nevada Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came to the debate ready, and she has taken Mike Bloomberg apart piece by piece and…

3 years ago

The Nevada Democratic Debate Is An Exciting Barn Burner

Mike Bloomberg taking the stage has brought out the edge in Democrats as they are going after each other hard…

3 years ago

Tight Virginia Primary Shows No Clear Leader Between Sanders, Bloomberg, and Biden

A new poll of Virginia reveals just how close the Democratic primary is with Sanders and Bloomberg tied at 22%,…

3 years ago

Bloomberg Accuses Trump And Sanders Of Working Together To Stop Him

The Mike Bloomberg campaign is accusing Trump and Bernie Sanders of working together to spread disinformation about Bloomberg.

3 years ago

Opinion: Bloomberg’s Methods Raise Serious Issues That Ads Can’t Hide

Bloomberg’s money and connections are manipulating Democrats, who are so desperate to defeat Trump they seem willing to jump into…

3 years ago

Opinion: We Need To Be Willing To Sacrifice To Make Trump A One Term President

The deeper we fall into the hell of Donald Trump’s presidency, the harder it is to keep hope alive. I’ve…

3 years ago