Mike Pence

Religious Hypocrite Pence Lashes Out at Harris After She Vows to Fight for Abortion Rights

Former Vice President Mike Pence lashed out at Vice President Kamala Harris after she vowed to fight for abortion rights.…

2 weeks ago

Mike Pence Resurfaces To Lie His Backside Off About Biden’s Budget

Former Vice President Mike Pence made several false and misleading claims about Biden's budget as he tries to run for…

2 months ago

Opinion: From Inflation to Authoritarianism, Democracy is the Answer

Want to stop autocracy? Want relief from inflation? Democracy is the theory of everything.

2 months ago

Mike Pence To Try To Kick Trump Out Of The Republican Party

Mike Pence will tell top Republican donors that there is no room in the Republican Party for Putin apologists.

2 months ago

Ali Velshi Skewers RNC For Labeling Plot To Kill Pence Legitimate Political Discourse

MSNBC's Ali Velshi noted that according to the RNC plotting to kill the vice president is legitimate political discourse.

3 months ago

Mike Pence Calls Trump Un-American In Explosive Rejection Of Coup Plot

Mike Pence didn't dance around Trump's claims that he could overturn the election. He flat out rejected the idea and…

3 months ago

Mike Pence To Be Asked To Appear Before The 1/6 Committee

1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson said that the committee will ask for former VP Mike Pence's testimony before the end…

4 months ago

Trump Busted Using The 1/6 Mob To Pressure Pence

Trump's comments to Pence on January 5th indicated that he was using the assembling mob to pressure his vice president.

5 months ago

Hypocrite Mike Pence Claims He Took Inspiration from James Madison When He Certified the Election

Vice President Mike Pence claimed he took inspiration from former President James Madison when he certified President Joe Biden's election…

7 months ago

Trump Praises Pence for Downplaying and Lying About 1/6

Former President Donald Trump, who has continued to openly and brazenly lie about the events of January 6, the day…

7 months ago

Mike Pence Joins the Chorus of Republicans Opposing Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, And No One Is Surprised

Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized President Joe Biden's sweeping Covid-19 vaccination requirements. Pence lent himself to hyperbole, saying the…

8 months ago

Mike Pence Wants to Run for Office in 2024, But Experts Say Trump Fans Will Never Forgive Him

It is very common for Vice Presidents to run for higher office later on down the road. And that is…

11 months ago

Trump Didn’t Even Garner 50% in the Latest 2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Poll

There is a fierce debate within GOP ranks about what to do with Donald Trump. The majority of Republican lawmakers…

12 months ago

Simon and Schuster Defends Book Deal with Mike Pence Amid Staff Protest

Book publisher Simon & Schuster announced it would not cancel a seven-figure book deal with former vice president Mike Pence…

1 year ago

Mike Pence Looks To Get In On The Republican Cash Con With New Group

Former Vice President Mike Pence has launched a conservative political group to take on what he calls "the radical left."…

1 year ago

Pence Accuses Democrats of Ignoring “Valid Reforms and Concerns” Regarding 2020 Election

Former Vice President Mike Pence has issued his first public remarks about the 2020 general election, accusing Democrats of ignoring…

1 year ago

Mike Pence And Donald Trump Are Still Close Friends

Donald Trump doesn't have much use for friends. His two closest friends were a bodyguard who worked in his administration…

1 year ago

WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Eulogizes Rush Limbaugh With a Pervy Golf Story

People from all corners of the political world came out to mourn Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday. Donald Trump broke his…

1 year ago

John Heilemann: Supporting a Man Who Wanted to See His VP Killed Makes the GOP the Zombie Party

In the last week, nearly every Republican gave their take on the Donald Trump impeachment trial. People like Lindsey Graham…

1 year ago

WATCH: MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Asks Why Mike Pence Isn’t More Bothered That Trump Supporters Wanted to Hang Him

Many Republicans have backed Donald Trump on the pretense that they will need his supporters in order to win future…

1 year ago