Senate Republicans Are Trying To Hide Mike Pence Because They Are Worried That He’ll Be Asked About Mike Flynn

mike pence religious freedom bill press conference

The reason why Senate Republicans are trying to get more than the 50 votes needed for their tax cut for the rich is that they want to keep Mike Pence from having to come to the Senate because they are afraid reporters will him about Mike Flynn.

Mike Pence Goes To Sutherland Springs And Blames Everything But Guns For Church Massacre

The grieving people of Sutherland Springs were treated to the same old rhetoric that blames everything – laws, bureaucracy, and mental health – other than guns.

Trump Is Profiting From The Presidency As Taxpayers Had To Pay Tens Of Thousands To Mar-a-Lago

Using taxpayer dollars to live the high life appears to be commonplace for those working in the Trump administration.

Trump Is Now Fundraising Off Mike Pence’s $250K Taxpayer-Funded NFL Stunt

It's not surprising that this administration would try to pull this kind of stunt, but it's somewhat stunning that they thought the American people wouldn't see right through it.

Mike Pence Used Taxpayer Money To Pay For His Fake Walk Out Of An NFL Game

Not only was Vice President Pence's walk out of the Colts game during the national anthem a staged fake, but he also used taxpayer money to pay for the White House created fake news.

Mike Pence’s NFL Game Walk Out Was A Pre-Planned Staged Fake Protest

Vice President Mike Pence's walk out in protest of NFL players protesting the anthem was pre-planned and staged by the White House.

Trump Throws A Tantrum And Takes Credit For Mike Pence Leaving An NFL Game

After Vice President Mike Pence got up and left the Indianapolis Colts game after players kneeled during the national anthem, Trump immediately made Pence look like his stooge and took credit for the VP's actions.

Pence Makes A Fool of Himself As He Tries to Demonize Canadian Healthcare

Poor Mike Pence. Trump’s tantrums over the repeated failed efforts to pass increasingly barbaric versions of Trumpcare, must be getting on his nerves.

Trump Humiliates Himself By Not Knowing The Vice President Breaks Ties In The Senate

During a radio interview, Trump repeatedly proclaimed that Obamacare repeal is dead because at least two Republicans are going to vote against it. The President appeared not to understand that his own vice president can break a tie in the Senate.

Mike Pence Flips Out After He Gets Busted Plotting A 2020 Campaign To Replace Trump

The New York Times caught Vice President Mike Pence running a shadow 2020 campaign in case Trump goes down for the Russia scandal, and the VP's response to getting caught was a flip out that only confirmed his 2020 intentions.

The Russia Net Snares Mike Pence As Spokesperson Won’t Say If VP Met With Russians

mike pence religious freedom bill press conference

During an interview on Fox News, VP Mike Pence's spokes[erson would answer when he was asked on three occasions if Pence met with Russians.

All Hell Breaks Loose On Healthcare As Pence Allied PAC Launches Massive Ad Attack On Dean Heller

The super PAC that Vice President Mike Pence is allied with is getting ready to launch a seven-figure attack ad buy on Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada.

Mike Pence Calls Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer Routine As Russia Scandal Denial Grows

Mike Pence laughs at Trump

The White House appears to be in total denial about the severity of the Russia scandal, as Vice President Mike Pence called his move to hire a criminal defense attorney very routine.

Rachel Maddow Says Mike Pence’s Choice Of Legal Defense Is Proof That He’s Running Scared

Maddow Mike Pence Lawyer

The fact that Mike Pence is now lawyering up suggests that, while he has largely flown under the radar with respect to the Russia scandal, he may have reason to worry after all.

Mike Pence Cancels PBS Interview And Goes Into Hiding After Comey Testimony Release

Vice President Mike Pence was so freaked out by the release of Comey's opening statement that he canceled a scheduled interview with PBS and went into hiding.

Mike Pence Makes A Fool Out Of Himself Trying To Defend Trump’s Paris Agreement Decision

Vice President Mike Pence went beyond the usual Republican argument against combating climate change, and instead foolishly claimed that he has no idea why the world, which he characterized as the left, is concerned about climate change.

Democrats Come After Mike Pence As Mike Flynn Is Accused Of Lying To The FBI

Not only are House Democrats accusing Mike Flynn of lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts and trips, but they are also very interested in what Vice President Mike Pence knew, and when he knew it.

Notre Dame Graduates Walk Out On Vice President Mike Pence At Commencement Address

Hundreds of Notre Dame graduates walked out on Vice President Mike Pence as he began his commencement address at the university on Sunday.

Rep. Adam Schiff Explains Why Mike Pence Is Going Down For The Russia Scandal

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained why Vice President Mike Pence, who headed the Trump transition team, may go down with Trump in the Russia scandal if he knew that Mike Flynn was under investigation in January 2017.