New Chair Of House Armed Services Committee Will Fight Trump’s Lies

The incoming head of the House Armed Services Committee has vowed to expose all of Donald Trump’s lies. Even before he takes over this important committee, Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), has given the president a taste of what difficulties he will face with a new Democratic majority starting January 3rd. read more

Republicans Mad About Spending Bill Want To Take Away Children’s Healthcare

Many right-wing conservative tea party Republicans in Congress were mad when Congress passed a budget and spending bill greatly increasing the U.S. deficit In the spending bill was a massive increase in military spending, making the defense portion of the budget well over $700 billion. read more

Trump Starts Referring To Himself In Third Person During Incoherent Naval Carrier Speech

Trump USS Gerald Ford

"President Trump, I will tell you, you will get it, don't worry about it," Trump told the crowd aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford.