Trump Says His Budget Makes Safety ‘No. 1 Priority’ But it Will Kill Americans

Trump's budget directs dollars away from the people who need it most, vulnerable children and the elderly, to fill the swamp he promised to drain

Military Industrial Complex and GOP Plans To Rob Taxpayers and Bankrupt America

According to House Speaker Paul Ryan's "prosperity budget" within ten years the only government left in existence will be the military.

Republican And Netanyahu Bloodlust Drives Nuclear Deal Criticism

The neo-con's solution has been fulfilling Netanyahu's twenty-three year campaign for Americans to die in a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran primarily because Israel wants to be the only Middle East nation with an American-provided nuclear arsenal.

GOP Iran Letter Was A Push For A Regime Change War And Defense Industry Profits

tom cotton morning joe

The truth, and true purpose of the letter, has really never been in question; specifically because the filthy little neo-con who originated it has broadcast the purpose for the world to hear for months.

Republicans Use Deficit Lie To Try To Cut Health Care While Increasing Military Spending

Republicans are looking for ways to increase the already bloated defense budget they claim is woefully underfunded. And, as is their wont, they are targeting domestic programs due to their regard for the "out-of-control" and "unsustainable deficit."

An Old Foe Is Returning in 2014, and He Could Defeat Nikki Haley

In all likelihood the 2014 South Carolina Governor's race is going to be a replay of the 2010 race, not good news for incumbent Nikki Haley

Are We Giving Up Liberty for Perceived Security?

Trends in militarization, surveillance, and civil liberties violations raise disturbing questions about the exchange of liberty for security.

In Foreign Policy Romney Needs to be More than Not-Obama

Mitt Romney is campaigning as not-Obama and in this case at least, he is being entirely honest: he is not Obama

David Gregory Rolls Out the Red Carpet for a Corporate Media Romney Infomercial

No one puts on a better show of pretending to push back with stern looks while his words actually just open the door for Romney spin than David Gregory.

Incontinent Marines Are Unintentional Anti-Heroes

The Tinkle Heard 'Round the World

While we cannot excuse deplorable behavior, we ought not to delude ourselves that the urinating Marines are unusual. Rather, it is symptomatic.

Those Don’t Tax But Spend Republicans At it Again

American defense spending in 2007 alone amounted to just over half of what was spent in the entire world. In 2008 it was close to 70%. It hasn't declined appreciably since. I will ask again: Who is going to attack the United States?