How a People-Centered Economic Policy Can Prevent the Next Recession

As talk of a looming recession increases in volume, looking back to the Great Recession in 2008 to assess the effectiveness of how we as a nation responded to it seems like a good idea.

It’s always healthy to learn from one’s mistakes and process the past, right? read more

North Carolina Passes $15 State Employee Minimum Wage

North Carolina Republican legislators surprised critics when they passed a $15-per-hour “living wage” for 10,000 state workers.

The increase will affect about 10,000 state government and university system employees, such as secretaries, hospital workers, security guards and housekeepers. read more

Sen. Claire McCaskill Tied In Missouri As Medical Marijuana And Minimum Wage Look Good For Democrats

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is hanging tough in the face of an onslaught of Republican dark money in Missouri, but a positive sign for Democrats is the wide support voters have for medical marijuana and raising the minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced What Republicans Fear Most: A Bill To Raise The Minimum Wage

Sen. Bernie Sanders along with House and Senate Democrats introduced a bill today that will give Democrats a powerful rallying cry in 2018. Sanders and the Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour.

Opinion: Iowa GOP Reverses Existing Minimum Wage Hikes and Ban Future Increases

“It's the first time a state nullified local wage ordinances already in effect and forced [local] jurisdictions to [immediately] reduce minimum wages that were previously raised.”

Kellyanne Conway Accidentally Calls On Businesses To Raise Their Wages

Conway wages

Even though Conway didn't mean to call for higher wages, her accidental slip-up was likely the smartest thing she's ever said.

Trump’s Anti-Worker Labor Pick Considering Backing Out Of Cabinet Post

Andy Puzder

His uncertainty about taking the job is evidence that progressive opposition has been loud and effective.

No American Is Safe from Trump’s Wrecking Crew Cabinet 

Trump’s choices are unqualified, but they were chosen for their desire to eradicate federal agencies, not their level of competence or expertise.

What is the Minimum Wage of Whiteness?

Is there a minimum wage of whiteness? When will those whites, of all classes...cease to feel a benefit of racism and see a benefit in solidarity?

Donald Trump is Pretending His Insane Policy Proposals Never Happened

Donald Trump speech

"It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it," Trump said about an idea he called for last December.

Hillary Clinton Crushes Trump For Calling For An End To The Minimum Wage

Hillary Clinton put a whooping on Donald Trump after Trump suggested that there should be no minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders Is The Only Presidential Candidate Who Supports $15/Hour Minimum Wage

bernie sanders striking workers

Bernie Sanders responded to the moves by California and New York to raise their minimum wages to $15/hour by promising to fight for a federal $15/hour minimum wage if he wins the White House. Sanders is the only presidential candidate who supports this position.

Half Of America is Now Impoverished Because the Koch-Republicans Destroyed the Middle Class

The percentage of middle-class households dropped in every state in the Union between 2000 and 2013, along with median income

Papa John’s Franchisees Pay Out Half A Million In Wage Theft Settlement

Four Papa John's Franchisees in New York City have agreed to a 500,000 dollar settlement to pay back 250 employees whose wages were stolen.

President Obama Acts To Stop the Unconstitutional Criminalizing of Homelessness

The Obama White House this week took steps to force communities to halt the "cruel, inhumane, and degrading" treatment of the homeless

Republican Welfare Reform Pushed A Third Of America’s Children Into Extreme Poverty

The economy is growing for the extremely wealthy, but there were 3 million more children living in extreme poverty in 2013 than in 2008

It’s the Stupid Economy: Why Income Inequality Ought To Be This Election’s Hot Topic

The health of an economy should correlate directly to the health of the people living within it, not to their economic impoverishment.

Bernie Sanders’ socialist presence in the presidential primary mix as well as populist sentiment brewing on both sides of the political aisle promise, hopefully, to keep the much-needed conversation on income inequality front and center in our national debates. read more

Donald Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits

Trump's plan to help U.S. automakers sounds an awful lot like Mitt Romney's underhanded tactics at Bain Capital