Donald Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits

Trump's plan to help U.S. automakers sounds an awful lot like Mitt Romney's underhanded tactics at Bain Capital

Scott Walker Says Poverty Pay Is A Living Wage

It is likely that Walker's idea that poverty wages are living wages came directly from the Kochs, who see American workers as peasants

Jeb Bush Is Promoting The Koch-Republican Job-Killing Economic Agenda

jeb bush launch

Bush, like every Republican, ignores the truth about American labor and his pathetic attempt to walk back his assault on workers fooled no-one considering it is his Party that has waged a brutal war on American workers for years.

Senate Cafeteria Cook Goes On Strike To Draw Attention To Low Wages

The U.S. government should only award federal contracts to companies that pay American workers a living wage.

New Poll Reveals That Nearly Half of America Is Stupid

It is possible that in many Americans' cases, stupid is the wrong term and denial a more apt descriptor; although a combination of the two terms is likely apropos when referring to half of America.

New Report: Taxpayers Subsidize $153.8 Billion In Corporate Profits Due To Low Wages

If American taxpayers realized their largesse was going to those who need it least, highly-profitable corporations, they would likely put an end to their generous ways in a heartbeat.

Bernie Sanders Stands Up For The Middle Class By Dropping a Huge Fact Bomb On The Senate

Bernie Sanders minimum wage

In the midst of a Senate budget vote-a-rama that Republicans are filling with anti-Obamacare and economy killing votes, Senator Bernie Sanders took the Senate floor and dropped the fact bomb that raising the minimum wage is real job creator.

Two Months Into Office, Illinois GOP Governor Rauner’s Approval Rating Under 37 Percent

Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's approval rating is just 36.5 percent, according to a Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll.

Countering GOP Obstruction Obama Initiative Creates 500,000 High-Paying Jobs

The President launched an initiative last week to train 500,000 Americans for high-paying jobs in high-technology services.

GOP Trickle Down Has 70% of Americans Near Financial Calamity

Instead of changing course and helping the majority of the population, Republicans still propose heaping wealth on the rich and increasing taxes on the bottom 90% of the population to complete the utter destruction of middle income earners. According to yet another report they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

Obama Blasts Republicans During SOTU and Dares Them To Try Living On Minimum Wage

obama minimum wage 2015 state of the union

Of course, nothing helps families make ends meet like higher wages. That's why this Congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as a man for doing the same work. Really. It's 2015. It's time. We still need to make sure employees get the overtime they've earned. And to everyone in this Congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this: If you truly believe you could work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, go try it. If not, vote to give millions of the hardest-working people in America a raise.

Mitt Romney Thinks Acting Like He Cares Will Get Him Elected in 2016

"If you show up at churches and at minority communities it shows you care much more broadly. And that's something that I want to do."

A Stroke Of Obama’s Pen Will Lift 10.4 Million Workers Into the Middle Class

If the President simply adjusted the salary threshold for inflation since it was last raised in 1975, it would be a more significant income increase for over 10 million low and low middle-class American workers that raising the hourly wage to $15 per hour for the rest of the poverty-wage workforce.

Judge Rules America’s Fastest Growing Industry Is Exempt From Minimum Wage Law

While the Labor Department's rule change was meant to protect worker's rights, the Judge protected Home Care Associates, the International Franchise Association, and the National Association for Home Care & Hospice rights to make bigger profits. The rapidly-growing industry's leaders convinced the judge that paying the minimum wage, and the outrageous idea of overtime pay, was an abomination and would have a "destabilizing impact" on the nation's fastest-growing industry.

Thanks, Obama! 2014 Is Best Year For Job Growth Since Bill Clinton Was President

The Bureau of Labor Statistics unveiled the latest jobs report Friday and the results blew out all expectations as the economy added 321,000 jobs in November.

Child Homelessness and Poverty Are Rising So Republicans Plan Harsh Program Cuts

Coupled with inhumane austerity cuts, the GOP is getting precisely what they apparently live for; more despair and destitution among the poor, especially children.

Obama Has Best Job Creation Streak Since 1939 So Republicans Vow To Return To Bush

In Republican vernacular, returning to the "old ways" is "taking our country back;" but back to what? If the subject is the economy, it is back to Bush-era economic policies that are wildly popular with conservative mainstream media, but still not austere and severe enough for the Koch brothers.

Chris Christie Doubles Down on Koch Fueled Cluelessness About The Minimum Wage

Chris Christie refused to let Fox News save him from himself as he doubled down on his misinformed opinion that the country doesn't need a debate about the minimum wage.

Here’s More Great Economic News For Democrats To Hammer Republicans With

There has been relative silence on two new economic reports that put a stake in the economic agenda Republicans are frothing at the mouth to enact should they win control of Congress.

Poll: Opposition To Minimum Wage Increase Could Doom Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker

A new PPP poll revealed that Republican opposition to the raising the minimum wage is hurting candidates like Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker in Kentucky and Wisconsin.