Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

It is unclear how a state can have "joint jurisdiction" over land it does not own and has no claim to, but the Colorado Republicans' effort is a first step in a much more ambitious scheme; seizing and handing authority over federal land to the billionaire Koch brothers to drill for oil, mine, and log without "interference" from the federal government.

New York Bans Fracking Due to Health Risks – Wisconsin Bans Fracking Regulation Due To Greed

Republicans depend on lies and deceit to convince their ignorant base to support dangerous policies, and it is why they criticize science and unbiased research so vehemently; particularly surrounding issues surrounding the fossil fuel industry and its risk to the environment; and Americans' health.

Republicans Hit a New Low With Claim The Clean Water Act Is An EPA Land Grab Scheme

Republicans have claimed the new rules are a devious EPA scheme to seize private citizens' land, and issued letter to the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers citing their opposition to specific details in the EPA's proposal that do not exist.

Cliven Bundy Republicans Campaign To Seize and Sell Off Federal Land

Now, there is a serious movement among Republicans who embrace Bundy's claim the federal government is forbidden from owning land and the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is actively campaigning on a promise of seizing all federal land.

Sierra Club: End Coal Fire Plant but Not Mountaintop Removal?

. Sierra's Beyond Coal project does only so much, and it has not recognized to date that ending Mountaintop Removal for the human health disaster science is now demonstrating that it is.