Opinion: John Kelly Keeps Proving He Is Unfit to Be the White House Chief of Staff

Remember when some pundits were singing the praises of John Kelly? They praised his work at the Department of Homeland Security, of which ICE is a part.

Opinion: General Kelly Dehumanized A Women After Calling Women “Sacred”

During his presser, General Kelly spoke about a time when Gold Star families and women were sacred.

Twitter’s Animal Farm TOS Enforcement Greenlights Misogyny, Trump, his Followers and Russian Bots

Last week, Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account because, according to Twitter, she violated TOS.

Trump’s Presidency Is The Worst of Our Collective History and His Life Story

Anyone who was paying attention knew that Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic narcissist.

Gutless Elected Republicans Won’t Condemn Trump’s Misogynistic Attack on Mika Brzezinski

The Republican Party has become the party of Archie Bunker enablers, little men lacking courage and morality, appeasing the lowest functioning among us, who just so happens to be their President right now.

Gallup: 7 Out of 10 Women Have Unfavorable View of Trump

7 out of 10 women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, and almost 6 out of 10 men, and only 1 out of 4 women view him favorably

‘Misogynistas’ Trump and Cruz Race to See Who Can Hate Women More

trump cruz nevada

It’s more than a bit like saying to women, “Vote for us, and we’ll take away your rights.” It’s EXACTLY like that

Ivanka Trump Excuses Her Father’s Racism by Saying He is “Very Blunt”

What Ivanka needs to realize is that it is not that her father is blunt, but that the content of his speech is both racist and misogynist

Hypocritical Woman Hating Republicans Boot Trump From Event Due To Megyn Kelly Comments

The Republicans are circling the wagons to get rid of Trump and they scored bonus points for putting on a very public show of caring about misogyny. Unfortunately, they only care about misogyny when it's aimed at a Republican woman by a man they want to get rid of, which is to say they don't care at all,

Cowardly Americans Tremble In Fear While A Courageous Nun Defends Women

The GOP is opposed to providing for the general welfare of anyone but corporations, the filthy rich, and especially the extremely religious

Misogyny: Everyone Does It. The Disgusting Attacks Against Joan Walsh

Misogyny reared its ugly head on Twitter Friday evening after Salon Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh tweeted something that made both left and right, well to be fair mostly right, angry.

No, the Fact Elliot Rodgers Killed More Men Than Women Doesn’t Change His Misogyny

Some men have been suggesting Rodgers' killing of more men than women means he wasn't a misogynist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

After The Santa Barbara Shootings It’s Time to Talk About The Culture of Violence Against Women

So today, on this tragic Saturday when a very disturbed young man went on a murdering rampage against the "beautiful" women archetype he felt rejected by, I'm wondering if we can finally talk about the systemic problem of violence against women in the United States.

A Single Picture Perfectly Sums Up The Republican Anti-Woman Agenda

Most people have heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is seldom the case that one picture sums up a movement's agenda on a specific issue.

Anonymous Cowards Try To Silence Female Journalists With Violent Sexual Threats

Women who are involved in journalism are increasingly the targets of violent sexual threats by anonymous cowards in hopes of frightening them to stop expressing their opinions.

Republicans Seek to Decriminalize Rape and Other Crimes Against Women

Republicans seek to assuage the crime of rape by redefining it to prevent women from abortion services, claiming it is a blessing or legislating medical instrument rape to teach women their place.