Anti-Worker Venom also Fueled the Government Shutdown

Though the U.S. government has opened for business again, it is worthwhile to understand the anti-worker venom that perhaps motivated and certainly prolonged Trump’s Republican-backed government shutdown, which has the notoriety of being longest shutdown of the federal government in American history. read more

Republicans Again Go the Palin Route With Marco Rubio’s State of the Union Response

Sen. Rubio has a long way to go with the Hispanic community before he can deliver what the Republican Party thinks his skin color will automatically garner them.

Look Out For ALEC’s Candidate Jeb Bush If The GOP Goes Brokered Convention

The Eight Lies Behind The Republican Push For Right To Work Laws

Here are eight lies being used to prop up 'right to work' laws popping up in Republican governed states all over the country.

Thousands Protest Passage of Indiana Right To Work for Less Law

Mitch Daniels Joins John Boehner’s Web Of Keystone XL Corruption

Americans will never get a better look at the depth of depravity Republicans sink to for the oil industry than the actions of Boehner and Daniels on Keystone XL.