GOP Rep Mo Brooks Claims Roy Moore’s Sexual Assault Isn’t Important Because He’ll ‘Vote Right’

According to Brooks, Moore's history of sexual assault isn't important because he'll vote with Republicans on key issues, from the national debt to rolling back abortion rights.

The Republican Party Is Falling Apart As Congressman Calls For Mitch McConnell To Step Down

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) who is also a Senate candidate called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step down after Republicans failed to pass an Obamacare repeal bill.

GOP Congressman Calls For Special Prosecutor If Trump Replaces Comey With A White House Puppet

"The president has to go overboard in appointing someone as the new FBI director that the Democrats are comfortable with so we can put this issue behind us."

GOP Congressman Says People With Pre-Existing Conditions Are Bad People Who Should Pay More

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) tried to justify allowing insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more by claiming that people with pre-existing conditions lead bad lives.

Katy Tur Obliterates Hypocrite House Republican Trying To Defend Trump

NBC's Katy Tur hammered the hypocrisy of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) who said that he would trust Trump even though he is under federal investigation while also claiming that Hillary Clinton should not have been trusted.

GOP Congressman Says Trumpcare Failed Because It Wasn’t As Good As Trump Steaks

"President Donald Trump did the best he could, but it’s not the same as when Donald Trump in the private sector was trying to market and sell first-class products."

House Republican Is Planning Impeachment Proceedings Against Hillary Clinton On Inauguration Day

Alabama Congressman Mo Brook (R) wants to start impeachment proceedings against Hillary Clinton on day one, if she is elected president.

House Republicans Pass Measure To Prevent DREAMers From Serving In The Military

The U.S. House voted to block a measure permitting considering letting immigrants who arrived here illegally to serve in the military.

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks Calls For President Obama to Be Sent To Prison for Five Years

Republican Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama thinks they can send President Obama to prison for 5 years for doing what every other modern president has done by taking executive action on immigration reform.

Conservative Says Obama Is a Racist Then Calls Him a “Spade”

Conservatives, and primarily Republicans, have noticed their racist tendencies are attracting a bit too much attention and for the second time in a month are attempting to distract Americans with accusations that President Obama is a racist who hates and is waging a war on white people.

Taking Back the House, Vol. 4: Mo Brooks and Alabama’s 5th District

This is the fourth edition of a research project at PoliticusUSA known as Taking Back the House. You can check out the previous edition here. The purpose of this project is to analyze each Republican Congressional district in the United States and see how likely the district can go ‘Blue.’ To do this, I will take a look at the overall demographics of the district, as well as review the historical voting patterns and the record of the Congressperson representing the district. This series will run until we’ve looked at every single district in the country, which should take us right into the 2014 campaign season. read more

House Republicans Warn That They Will Obstruct Guns and Immigration Bills

John Boehner's conservative caucus is ready to obstruct immigration reform and gun safety legislation because it is contrary to their ideology.