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Exxon Lobbyist Says the Quiet Part Out Loud in Leaked Video

Exxon Lobbyist Says the Quiet Part Out Loud in Leaked Video

Lobbyists cop to fossil fuel behemoth Exxon Mobil’s clandestine efforts to appear supportive of climate change-mitigation legislation while simultaneously shoveling…

3 years ago

Opinion: The US Supreme Court Authorized More Voter Suppression

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) dealt several blows to the Voting Rights Act last week. In a majority conservative…

3 years ago

NY Got Close to Passing Single-Payer Healthcare–Then Special Interests Squashed It

Many New Yorkers were expecting this year would be the one in which New York finally passed the "New York…

3 years ago

Secret “Dark Money” Group is Spending Big to Help Democrats Take Back the House

Secret “dark money” nonprofits are working with a previously unknown organization that is spending millions of dollars helping Democratic congressional candidates…

6 years ago

Republicans Forsake Morality for Money In Paris Climate Accord Exit

This deal was between the Koch brothers and their fossil fuel industry cronies and the Republicans in Congress who routinely…

7 years ago

Jon Stewart Uses Ice Cream To Explain Why We Have To Get Money Out Of Politics

Jon Stewart brilliantly used the example of ice cream to explain the corruptive force of money in politics during an…

9 years ago