Poll Says Trump Broke His Promise About Hiring ‘the Best People’

With just two and one-half months until the midterm elections it is clear that Democrats will use as a major campaign issue the excessive amount of corruption in the Trump administration.

What is also clear is that Republicans will NOT be campaigning on the issue that President Donald Trump repeatedly campaigned on during his 2016 election: that he would “hire the best people” for his administration. read more

Poll Stunner: Conor Lamb Leads House GOP Incumbent by 12 Percent In PA

Back in March Democrat Conor Lamb set the political world on fire when he won the special congressional election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. He narrowly converted a GOP seat to the blue column in a district won by Donald Trump by over 15 percentage points. read more

NJ Poll: GOP May Lose All New Jersey Seats in Congress

If pollsters at Monmouth University are correct, the Republican Party this year will lose all five of the seats it currently holds in the U.S. House of Representatives.  This would be a substantial percentage of the 23 seats needed to give Democrats control of Congress after the 2018 midterm elections. read more

Time To Stop Treating Jeb Bush As A Serious Candidate As He Dips to 7 Percent In Iowa Poll

A Monmouth Poll finds former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is polling just 7 percent with likely Iowa Republican caucus voters.