A Religious Right Heretic Says Interfaith Dialog is Heretical

It is hardly a surprise the Religious Right does not want to talk to those of other religions. After all,…

8 years ago

This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within

We are under siege this July Fourth. We can only resist with our love of liberty, for it is liberty…

9 years ago

The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not Religion, Neither is Christianity

David Barton presents a geo-political Christianity Rev. Jody Hice says Muslims can't have, meaning Barton's Christianity is not a religion

9 years ago

John Hagee Says We are Pagan Nation Without Shame

According to Hagee, "America is becoming a pagan society; we are in a moral free-fall."

10 years ago

Religious Right Claims If We Allow Gay Marriage We Are Persecuting Christians

More cries of persecution coming out of the Religious Right: if we allow gay marriage we are persecuting Christians

10 years ago

This Holiday Season Do Your Own Thing and Damn the Critics

Conservative Christians despise atheism as being a subjective form of morality, ignoring the history of their own subjective belief system

10 years ago

Fox News Has Holiday Wish List but Governor Chafee Can’t Have a Holiday Tree

"All I want for Christmas is to kill it," seems to be the song conservatives think liberals sing each and…

10 years ago

America Faces the Specter of Religious Apartheid

Monotheism is built not just on the rejection but the ejection of the constructed other. If we live in the…

11 years ago