Republicans Warn Of Total Panic If Democrat Rob Quist Wins Montana Special Election

After a closer than expected special election for a House seat in Kansas, and the Democrat in a tight special election race in Georgia, Republicans are warning that their party will begin to panic if Democrat Rob Quist wins the special election in Montana.

Democratic Congressman Blames Trump’s Rhetoric For ‘Disgusting’ Attack On Guardian Reporter

The Democrat said people shouldn't be afraid to call out Trump for his contributions to this type of behavior.

Montana GOP Special Election Candidate “Body Slammed” A Reporter Who Asked About Trumpcare

Greg Gianforte Montana

The GOP candidate decided that assaulting a reporter was a smarter strategy than defending his support of the Republican health care plan.

Bernie Sanders Draws Big Crowds For Rob Quist As Montana Special Election Gets Closer To Toss Up

Sen. Bernie Sanders spent the weekend barnstorming Montana for Democratic candidate Rob Quist, and by Monday, the House special election in the state had been moved closer to being a toss up.