Joseph Farah Objects to Scripture Reading at DNC And Gets Everything Wrong

Farah objects to Jesus being called a Palestinian, even though by the time of his birth the region had been called Palestine for 500 years

The Problem is Not Gays but the Religious Right’s Culture of Repression

Bart Barber argues that it is "too late to prevent this nation's social experimentation by way of the removal of sexual taboos."

Reject the Absolute Moral Corruption of the Republican Cult

The GOP is nothing more than a modern, reactionary cult designed to give religious justification for willful ignorance,bigotry, and bad behavior

Right Wing Extremists Are Boycotting The NFL Because Michael Sam Was Drafted

Right wing extremists have warned NFL teams that they have "a coalition of extremist Christian leaders from across the nation" ready to unleash Hell on the Rams to teach the entire NFL a Christ-like lesson.

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

Accumulating research suggests political beliefs are hard-wired into our biology, so can conservatives change their minds?

Sick House Tea Partiers Celebrate the Sequester’s Human Carnage

House tea partiers are preparing to celebrate the damage to the people and economy that the sequestration cuts will cause when they begin in two days.

This Holiday Season Do Your Own Thing and Damn the Critics

Conservative Christians despise atheism as being a subjective form of morality, ignoring the history of their own subjective belief system

Beware of the ‘Expert’ on Helping Liberals/Conservatives Get Along

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has been selling the notion that he understands liberals & conservatives, while basically badmouthing liberals

Some Hard Truths About Prayer and Crime

The morality police will continue to argue that the reverse is true but in a fact-based world this cannot be the case. Prayer does not reduce crime. Those who pray are more likely to be criminals than those who do not.

The Politics of Moral Certainty

"Only in the absence of certainty can we have open-mindedness, mental flexibility and willingness to contemplate alternative ideas."