Mormon governor

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Abolishing Anti-Discrimination Laws

One would think most Americans support the 14th Amendment's prohibition of unequal treatment under the law unflinchingly. Unfortunately, the religious…

7 years ago

As Same Sex Marriage Bans Crumble, Republican Bigots Cling to Homophobia

At some point, a judge, politician, or political pundit must make very public statements identifying the opposition to same-sex marriage…

8 years ago

Eric Holder Pushes Back Against Utah by Recognizing the State’s Gay Marriages

Eric Holder set the record straight and announced that regardless of Utah's intent to discriminate against same-sex married couples, the…

8 years ago

The Supreme Court Joins The Right Wing Attempt to Replace the Constitution With the Bible

The Supreme Court is likely not done facilitating theocratic tyranny or disabusing the people from their 1st and 14th Amendment…

8 years ago

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