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New Poll Shows That Even Trump Supporters Aren’t Interested in his Pathetic New Website

There are basically no social media sites that are willing to let Donald Trump use their platform. So the former…

3 months ago

Biden Surges To 8 Point Lead Over Sanders In New Poll

Joe Biden has jumped out to an eight-point national lead after both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of…

1 year ago

Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Oppose Trump’s Effort To Deport 800,000 Dreamers

Trump's DACA decision puts himself squarely on the wrong side of American history and public opinion. What's new?

4 years ago

Americans Flock To The Democratic Party As Trumpcare Is Killing The GOP

An analysis of tracking polls since March has found a net 17 point swing towards Democrats on health care as…

4 years ago

His Career Hanging by a Thread, a Plurality of Americans Want Bill O’Reilly Gone

With a plurality of Americans against him, "Bill O'Reilly's brand is so toxic right now the only place that might…

4 years ago

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