Motion to vacate

Republicans Want Democrats To Save Mike Johnson’s Job In Exchange For Ukraine Aid

Republicans Want Democrats To Save Mike Johnson’s Job In Exchange For Ukraine Aid

Speaker Mike Johnson may put the Ukraine aid bill on the House floor, but only if Democrats help to save…

2 weeks ago

House Republicans Are Livid And May Dump MAGA Mike Johnson

House Republicans are described as having the knives out and are angry that Speaker Mike Johnson agreed with Democrats to…

2 months ago

Kevin McCarthy Crumbles After Getting Called Out For Falsely Blaming Democrats For His Firing

On Meet The Press, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got called out for falsely blaming Democrats for his firing as Speaker…

4 months ago

Kevin McCarthy Is The First Speaker In History To Be Kicked To The Curb

By a vote of 216-210, the House has voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House.

5 months ago

Jamie Raskin Has A Hilarious Take On The House GOP Chaos

Rep. Jamie Raskin perfectly described the chaos in the House with an epic George Santos joke.

5 months ago

Hakeem Jeffries Tells Democrats To Vote To Oust Kevin McCarthy

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has told Democrats to vote against any motion to delay the motion to vacate…

5 months ago

Matt Gaetz Files Motion To Vacate To Oust Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has followed through and filed a motion to vacate against Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The vote now…

5 months ago

Chaos In The House As Matt Gaetz Accuses Kevin McCarthy Of A Secret Deal With Democrats

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is now accusing Speaker Kevin McCarthy of negotiating a secret side deal with Biden and the…

5 months ago

Matt Gaetz Gets Shut Down When He Tries To Fire McCarthy After CR Passes

After Kevin McCarthy caved and a bipartisan CR passed the House with 209 votes, Matt Gaetz tried to fire McCarthy…

5 months ago

Impeachment Costs Kevin McCarthy His Last Democratic Lifeline

The last House Democrat willing to help Kevin McCarthy keep the speakership if a motion to vacate is filed has…

6 months ago

House Republicans Are Melting Down As McCarthy Dares His Own Caucus To Fire Him

Speaker Kevin McCarthy got his House Republicans into a meeting that was supposed to be about investigations then told them…

6 months ago

House Democrats Signal They Won’t Rescue McCarthy From Motion To Vacate

As far-right conservatives are making noise about filing a motion to vacate against Kevin McCarthy, Democrats aren't offering to bail…

9 months ago

House Democrats Are Going To Cause Chaos By Trying To Get McCarthy Removed As Speaker

House Democrats and progressives are getting set to give Kevin McCarthy constant headaches by filing motions to remove him as…

1 year ago