Hillary Clinton Comes Out Swinging By Painting Trump As A Ranting Raving Demagogue

Hillary Clinton Trump MSNBC town hall

Hillary Clinton came out swinging during the MSNBC town hall and previewed a potential line of attack against Donald Trump in the fall.

Bernie Sanders Makes His Strongest Statement Yet Suggesting He Will Support Clinton

At the MSNBC town hall with Chris Hayes, Bernie Sanders promised to do everything in his power to stop make sure that no Republican gets into the White House.

Bernie Sanders Argues That Clinton Superdelegates Deserve A Chance To Change Their Minds

Bernie Sanders MSNBC town hall with Chris Hayes

During an MSNBC town hall moderated by Chris Hayes, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders argued that the superdelegates that came out early in support for Hillary Clinton deserve a chance to change their minds.

Hillary Clinton Punches Back Hard for Women When No One Else Does

Tonight during the MSNBC town hall with Rachel Maddow, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked about Donald Trump's earlier terrifying comments that he wanted to ban abortion and punish women for getting one. Clinton punched back hard as only someone who truly understands the nature of this attack and what it means for women could do.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Exposes Donald Trump As A Total Fraud At Wisconsin Town Hall

Trump and Chris Matthews at MSNBC town hall

Donald Trump was exposed as a total fraud at MSNBC's town hall by host Chris Matthews' refusal to let Trump change the subject and avoid answering questions.

Donald Trump Crashes And Burns By Demanding Punishment For Women Who Have Abortions

Donald Trump punishment for women who have abortions MSNBC town hall

During a town hall that will air on MSNBC, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came out in support of criminal punishment for women who have abortions.

In Less Than 48 Hours, Bernie Sanders Has Brilliantly Deconstructed Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is dismantling Donald Trump. With each passing moment, Sen. Sanders continues to build the national moral case for the popular rejection of the Republican frontrunner.