Fox Guest Says All Americans Are At Risk of Being Targeted by Mueller

Attorney Alan Dershowitz argued on Monday that all Americans are at risk of being targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller. In so doing he accomplished two of the biggest goals of right-wing media:

  1. He undermined the credibility of law enforcement officials, such as the FBI and the Department of Justice, and
  2. He furthered the idea that there is a conspiracy being run to harm Donald Trump and his associates, who have done nothing wrong.

During an interview with Dershowitz on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade said that President Donald Trump is being targeted and attacked unfairly, as shown by the many investigations into his campaign, into his business dealings, and into his charitable foundation. read more

Trump Attacks Mueller in Unhinged Monday Morning Tweet Storm

President Donald Trump lashed out against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday in a second day of unhinged tweets that will lead to further speculation about his mental stability.

In his early morning tweet storm he compared his situation to Watergate, insisted once again his general counsel Don McGahn isn’t a “RAT” and accused Mueller’s team of “looking for trouble.” He also said collusion is “a phony crime.” read more