Record Numbers of Muslims and Other Minorities Are Running For Office

According to the Washington Post:

From Congress to state legislatures and school boards, Muslim Americans spurred to action by the anti-Muslim policies and rhetoric of President Donald Trump and his supporters are running for elected offices in numbers not seen since before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, say Muslim groups and political observers.” read more

Legal Scholars Call Travel Ban A Colossal Mistake That Legitimizes Racism

Rachel Maddow Makes A Devastating Argument For Why Voters Must Elect A Democratic Congress

Rachel Maddow used the Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim ban as part of a compelling argument for why it will be up to the voters to check Trump by electing a Democratic Congress in November

Immigrants Have The Supreme Court’s Attention in Two Major Cases

This was already a big week for immigration law at the Supreme Court, and it could get even bigger.

Trump Just Suffered A New Crushing Defeat On His Muslim Ban 2.0

The Trump administration lost their bid to include extended families in their Muslim ban 2.0 in federal court on Thursday.

Minnesota Mosque Officials Stunned By Trump’s Silence Two Days After Terrorist Attack

For a guy who has fought to ban Muslims from the country and has repeatedly denigrated and isolated those who practice Islam, both at home and abroad, Trump's silence is certainly not surprising. 

Trump Muslim Ban Slapped With Another Legal Challenge Less Than An Hour After Taking Effect

The challenge comes as the Trump administration tries to redefine the definition of family for the purpose of enforcing their unconstitutional ban.

Trump Administration Throws Grandparents Under the Bona Fide Relationship Bus

One phrase in the Supreme Court’s decision allowing Trump to implement a part of his Muslim ban is the key to determining which Muslims are allowed to visit the United States and which are not. Following Monday’s ruling, there was some anticipation that the phrase “bona fide relationship with a person or entity” in the United States would be the subject of litigation. read more

In His Worst Defeat Yet, Court Rules Trump Actions On Muslim Ban Violated The Law

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that President Donald Trump violated the law with his executive order that banned Muslims from traveling to the United States.

Keith Ellison Slams Trump For Inspiring Wave Of Anti-Muslim Violence And Rallies

Since Trump's emergence as a political figure, bashing the Muslim community has been one of his biggest applause lines among his supporters.

Trump Puts More Nails In The Muslim Ban’s Coffin With Yet Another Unhinged Tweet

The most damning evidence that this is, in fact, a Muslim-targeted travel ban come directly from Donald Trump's Twitter feed.

Hawaii Attorney Against Muslim Ban Thanks Trump For Twitter Meltdown That Helps His Case

The lead attorney for the State of Hawaii versus Trump thanked the President Monday morning for acting as their co-counsel by admitting the intent of his travel ban.

Trump’s Own Words Remain The Central Issue in Court Proceedings On the Muslim Ban

Everyone remembers Donald Trump’s public statements, campaign promises and website posts where he promised to ban Muslims from the United States.

Democratic Senator Kindly Reminds Trump That The U.S. Government Has Checks And Balances

Chris Murphy msnbc

Murphy said that Trump should stop whining about not getting his way and start learning how to run the government.

While Trump Has Cake, Chuck Schumer Reminds Us Democrats Stand Up for Those in Need

"We will keep working to protect immigrant rights and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and strong America."

Pew Research Reveals Muslim Births Will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035

The world is a different place than conservatives wish it to be, and those differences are only going to become more pronounced.

Trump Loses In Court Again As Federal Judge Blocks His Revised Muslim Ban

No matter how the president tries to package the executive order, he cannot escape his original intent of banning Muslims from entering the country.

Resisting Trump’s Muslim Ban And For-Profit Mass Deportation Policy Goes High Tech

Opponents of Trump’s mass deportation and Muslim ban policies are using technology to fight back on behalf of the victims of these policies.

Obama’s Home State Files First Lawsuit Against Donald Trump’s New Travel Ban

Donald Trump

The new Trump order reduces the number of people targeted, but the unconstitutional intent remains the same.

George W. Bush Says We Need an Independent Media to Hold Powerful People to Account

"We need an independent media to hold people like me to's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.”