How Civil Rights History Can Guide Democrats in Impeachment Decision

We need to know, and the nation’s knowing depends on Congress taking the lead, not waiting for the people's will to catch up.History shows that’s not how we realize our ideals and uphold the Constitution.

Pelosi Hits Trump For Not Knowing How To Pass US/Canada/Mexico Trade Deal

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called out the White House for not knowing what they are doing after they sent the House a statement of action before the USMCA trade deal is done.

Nancy Pelosi Wants An Ironclad Case For Trump Impeachment

Speaker Pelosi said that she wants an ironclad case for Trump impeachment that even Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans can't deny.

Insane Trump Makes His Staff Go On TV and Declare Him Calm

Trump stable and calm

Trump made his aides declare that he is stable and calm at an event that was supposed to be about trade war relief for farmers.

Pelosi Suggests That Trump Is Mentally Ill And Calls For An Intervention

Pelosi Trump intervention

At her weekly press conference, Speaker Pelosi suggested that something is wrong with Trump by calling on his family and friends to hold an intervention.

After Driving Trump Insane, Nancy Pelosi Owns Kellyanne Conway

Nancy Pelosi Kellyanne Conway

Speaker Pelosi drove Trump bonkers, and then followed it up by owning Kellyanne Conway when she tried to get in the way.

Trump Threw A Fit And Stormed Out Of Meeting Because Pelosi Hurt His Feelings

Trump ran out of his infrastructure meeting with Democrats after 3 minutes because Nancy Pelosi hurt his feelings.

Schumer says Trump ran away from infrastructure when asked how he would pay for it

Afterward, at a press conference with Senate Democratic Leader Schumer, Pelosi told reporters Trump may have lacked the confidence to work with Democrats on infrastructure. She said she prays for Trump.

Schumer said watching what happened at the meeting between the president and Democratic lawmakers "would make your jaw drop." He said that when Trump was asked how he would pay for an infrastructure plan, "he had to run away."

Nancy Pelosi Just Masterfully Pushed Trump Further Over The Edge

Pelos Trump infrastructure

Speaker Pelosi responded to Trump’s outburst on national television by telling the country that Trump wasn’t up to the challenge of an infrastructure deal.

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Lacks The Confidence To Do An Infrastructure Deal

Pelosi said, “For some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on his part, that he really couldn’t match the greatness of the challenge that we have, wasn’t really respectful of the reason — of the congress and the white house working together. He just took a pass. And it just makes me wonder why he did that. In any event, I pray for the President Of The United States. And I pray for the United States of America.” read more

Pelosi Kills Trump’s Immigration Plan Before It Even Reaches The House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement declaring Trump’s immigration plan dead on arrival before it even reaches the House.

Speaker Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

This dead-on-arrival plan is not a remotely serious proposal. read more

Nancy Pelosi Just Destroyed Trump’s Obstruction With Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi Trump impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the House can use impeachment as an investigative tool to break Trump's obstruction of House investigations.

Pelosi Unloads On McConnell As Trump Lies About Democrats Blocking Disaster Relief

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a statement putting the blame on Senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell after Trump lied about Democrats blocking disaster relief funds.

Pelosi calls out Trump’s lie

Pelosi responded to Trump’s lie in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA: read more

Pelosi and Schumer Connect The Dots And Hammer Mitch McConnell

Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer issued a joint statement where they laid out the dark connection between Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and William Barr.

Nancy Pelosi Is Coming After William Barr For His Crimes

Nancy Pelosi William Barr crime

During her weekly press conference, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said AG Barr committed a crime when he lied to Congress.

Nancy Pelosi’s Investigation Strategy Has Trump Losing His Mind

Trump lost it when talking to reporters about the subpoenas from House Democrats, and his answer is proof that Speaker Pelosi's strategy is working.

Pelosi Sends Trump Over The Edge By Telling Him That Even He Knows That He Shouldn’t Be President

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a '60 Minutes' interview that there's 'nobody in the country who knows better' than Donald Trump that he shouldn't be president.