House Democrats Introduce Plan to Get Students Out of Debt

Democrats in the House of Representatives yesterday announced new higher education legislation that would allow college students to earn a degree without going into debt.

The Democratic proposal, called the Aim Higher Act would create a partnership between the states and the federal government. The states would provide students with two tuition-free years at a community college in the state, which are typically low-cost government-operated institutions. The states would have to promise to spend more of their budgets on higher education in exchange for federal government funds. read more

60 GOP House Seats Are In Districts That Went for Clinton or Obama

Daily Kos Elections (DKE) has come out with some new statistics that should have Republicans shaking in their boots.  In fact, it is this kind of information that probably led Paul Ryan to announce his retirement from Congress and as Speaker of the House.  At the very least this will buoy Democratic Party optimism that they have a very good chance of retaking control of the House of Representatives this year. read more