Opinion: Trump Gives Raging Anti-Choice Propagandist HHS Public Affairs Job

Opinion: Trump Gives Raging Anti-Choice Propagandist HHS Public Affairs Job

Yoest has a long record of undermining women’s access to health care by distorting the facts; her selection shows the…

7 years ago

Opinion: Pence More Unpopular Than Trump and Much Less Than Planned Parenthood

The new NBC/WSJ poll reveals that by a wide margin Planned Parenthood is significantly more popular than Mike Pence who…

7 years ago

Opinion: Montana Bill Charges Abortion Doctors With Homicide

This is the right of a woman and her doctor.These decisions should be made between the two of them with…

7 years ago

Opinion: Iowa Wages War On Women’s Autonomy

This bill wasn’t written with the intent to protect or govern on the side of the woman. It was written…

7 years ago

With a Stroke of His Pen President Obama Permanently Protects Planned Parenthood

"Thanks to the Obama Administration women will still be able to access the birth control they need to plan their…

8 years ago

Marco Rubio Says Women Exposed To Zika Must Deliver Defective Fetus

Rubio readily admits that "Microcephaly is a terrible prenatal condition and it's a lifetime of difficulties. But I'm pro-life."

8 years ago

New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Voters Outraged At GOP Attacks On Women’s Reproductive Rights

According to a new poll, when voters were informed about the religious Republican drive to ban access to legal abortion…

8 years ago

Congressional Republicans Empower Evangelicals To Sue Governments For Enforcing Law

The reality is that the purpose is to punish the federal government for not adhering to Catholic and evangelicals' religious…

8 years ago

California Law Prohibits Phony Pregnancy Centers From Lying And Evangelicals Are Furious

The Reproductive Fact ACT that forces faith-based crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) to stop lying and stop posing as medical providers.

9 years ago

Republicans Fooled Americans Again To Eliminate Women’s Reproductive Rights

Instead of introducing legislation to create jobs, or help Americans struggling in an economy created for the benefit of the…

9 years ago

Bishops Join GOP Drive To Make Women Celibate Or Birth Machines

American Catholic bishops are taking advantage of the power bestowed on them by the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court…

9 years ago

President Obama Preserved Women’s Reproductive Rights In Passing the CRomnibus

The recent appropriations bill known as the CRomnibus could have been a lot worse for women's reproductive rights and it…

9 years ago

McConnell Promises Republicans Will Escalate The Religious War on Women

Now, the Republicans' first order of business with Mitch McConnell sharing Senate Majority Leader duties with Ted Cruz is precisely…

9 years ago

House Republican Bill Requires That the IRS Investigate Sexual Assault Survivors

Rep. Chris Smith's bill amends the Internal Revenue Service code to require IRS auditors to investigate and interrogate sexual-assault survivors…

10 years ago

A Single Picture Perfectly Sums Up The Republican Anti-Woman Agenda

Most people have heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is seldom the case…

11 years ago

American Women are Under Assault from Christian Republicans

The past two years should give all Americans pause at what conservative Christians in control of the government would mean…

12 years ago