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NY Times Poll Has Biden up by 9% in Tipping Point State Pennsylvania

NY Times Poll Has Biden up by 9% in Tipping Point State Pennsylvania

There are a number of different ways Joe Biden could defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The most two…

3 years ago

Nate Silver Says Democrats Have an 85% Chance Of Winning The House

Nate Silver is out with his latest forecast, and it shows that Democrats have an 85% chance of winning the…

5 years ago

Nate Silver Nails It: The Media Is Responsible For Costing Clinton The Election

The media doesn't talk about how Hillary Clinton really lost, because it implicates their judgment. Nate Silver pointed out that…

6 years ago

Responses to Raving Madman Trump’s Threat to Destroy Us All With Nukes

Jeffrey Wright Says Trump was "Publicly pleasuring himself on Presidential power" but guess who is in the splatter zone?

7 years ago

Nate Silver Destroys Kellyanne Conway’s Ridiculous Claim That Trump Won In A “Landslide”

Not only was Trump's victory not a "blowout," but it was actually pretty unimpressive.

7 years ago

Maybe Now the Media Will Do Its Job After Helping Elect Trump

The news media really has a very simple job; report the truth even if it is reporting the truth that…

7 years ago

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Gives Clinton An 80 Percent Chance Of Winning The Presidency

Silver correctly called 48 of 50 states in 2008 and accurately called all 50 states in the 2012 election.

7 years ago

Nate Silver Explains Why Clinton Will Be Democratic Nominee – It’s Not A Rigged System

Hillary Clinton will be the nominee because more Democrats voted for her because she is a "hard core liberal" and…

7 years ago

Nate Silver Gives Hillary Clinton A 75% Chance Of Being Elected President

During an interview on CNN, Nate Silver gave Hillary Clinton a 75% chance of being elected to be the nation's…

7 years ago

Political Prediction Guru Nate Silver Thinks Jeb Bush Is Toast

Political blogger and prognosticator Nate Silver declared Thursday morning that Jeb Bush is "probably toast".

8 years ago

Political Prediction Guru Nate Silver Says Bernie Sanders Could Win Iowa and New Hampshire

Sanders could win the two early contests on the strength of white liberal voters, but Clinton still holds the advantage…

8 years ago

Marco Rubio’s Epic Fail as the Aspiring Hero of 2016

Making Rubio the face of immigration reform has backfired and he has become a target of ridicule, all of it…

10 years ago

Nate Silver May Stop Doing Forecasts Out Fear of Influencing Elections

Nate Silver told an audience at Washington University in St. Louis that he may give up his election forecasts after…

11 years ago

Jon Stewart Tells Nate Silver, ‘you were like the Chick-fil-a sandwich for reality.’

Nate Silver was on The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart summed up his role as the defender of reality as,…

11 years ago