New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Voters Outraged At GOP Attacks On Women’s Reproductive Rights

According to a new poll, when voters were informed about the religious Republican drive to ban access to legal abortion in the states, they were "disgusted and angry" and two-thirds of voters want Republicans stopped in their tracks.

Republicans Fooled Americans Again To Eliminate Women’s Reproductive Rights

Instead of introducing legislation to create jobs, or help Americans struggling in an economy created for the benefit of the rich, on the first day of the 114th Congress Republicans introduced five separate bills restricting women's reproductive rights; something they did not pledge would be at the top of their legislative agenda.

House Republican Bill Requires That the IRS Investigate Sexual Assault Survivors

Rep. Chris Smith's bill amends the Internal Revenue Service code to require IRS auditors to investigate and interrogate sexual-assault survivors who access abortion care.

Republicans Might Learn How to Talk to Women But They Don’t Care What They Think

"We control 30 governorships, we control 26 state houses and senates chambers. You know, we, in fact, know how to speak to women on their policy issues."

A Single Picture Perfectly Sums Up The Republican Anti-Woman Agenda

Most people have heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is seldom the case that one picture sums up a movement's agenda on a specific issue.

National Organization for Women Says Richard Mourdock is Romney Unmasked

NOW issued a statement Wednesday saying that Richard Mourdock (pregnancies from rape are 'God's will') is 'Romney Unmasked'.

Women Are Already Mobilizing Against Romney/Ryan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going to have some company on the campaign trail. Women around the country are already mobilizing against the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Rush Limbaugh Boycott Spreads To Local Advertisers and Radio Stations

The National Organization for Women has announced a campaign to hit Rush Limbaugh in the wallet by pressuring local businesses and radio stations to stop doing business with him.