Trump’s Pick Of Larry Kudlow For Chief Economic Advisor Is Horrific

It has been four-hundred and eighteen days since Donald Trump has been sworn into office as President. Since that time, Americans have been treated to what is aptly described as a reality-show presidency with all of the trappings. Each day brings new revelations about Trump’s campaign and its possible and likely involvement with Russia in order to secure the highest office in the land. Each morning Americans are treated to a host of Tweets, now considered part of the Presidential record, sent out to whomever it is Trump is targeting on that particular day. read more

With Evangelicals Embracing Fascism it Isn’t Democrats Who Have a Religion Problem

Democrats, religious and non-religious, believe all have an equal voice but Republicans believe if you're not Christian, you get no voice

Conservatives Complain Trump Being Attacked For Doing What He Said He Would Do

It is remarkable to watch conservatives scramble to defend Donald Trump from attacks by “leftists” basing their attacks on Trump’s own words. Historian Victor Davis Hanson writes that the National Review that “The attacks on Trump won’t even wait until he takes office” and that, of course, they are completely unjustified. read more

National Review Writer Claims Dems Sentimentalize Past Republicans. No, We Don’t

Donald Trump Latino vote

It is troubling that Republicans insist on projecting: making their problems a liberal or progressive problem. Like being blamed for Trump when it is beyond question that they built that without any help from us. All Donald Trump did was make even deplorable an already crude message. read more

His Family Attacked by Trump Deplorables, National Review’s David French Speaks Out

"I distinctly remember the first time I saw a picture of my then-seven-year-old [African-American] daughter’s face in a gas chamber..."

The National Review Says Because Theocracy Has Been Held Off, the Threat Never Existed

On the contrary, we have seen religious laws against abortion, contraception, marriage equality, religious diversity, education, and even global warming

Trump’s Candidacy Is Finished Without His Stupid Base

The most bizarre mystery of modern political history is why any American supports Donald Trump: what kind of idiots are those people?

David Barton Says Woman on $10 Bill Denigrates Entire Economic System

This is an attempt to erase our history, we are told by a conservative on a show hosted by a guy who makes his living re-writing our history

Desperate Conservatives Break Out The Nazi References In An Attempt To Stop Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders fundraising

An article comparing Bernie Sanders to Nazis marked a new low for conservative media.

Conservative Pundit Smacked Down After Saying Forced Kissing Isn’t Sexual Assault

During an appearance on ABC's This Week, National Review writer Rich Lowry tried to assert that "attempted forced kissing" by men on young women didn't count as sexual assault.

Misogynistic Right-Wing Columnist Tells Young Women That They Are Too Dumb To Vote

Kevin Williamson's article, titled 'Five Reasons Why You're Too Dumb To Vote,' claimed that the first reason someone would be too dumb to vote is if they got their voting advice from Lena Dunham.

Work Ethic Challenged Republicans Now Claim the ACA Threatens America’s Work Ethic

Now that their Obamacare kills jobs lie was discredited by the CBO's report and again in testimony to Congress, Republicans in the House of Representatives are seeking another way to call "you people" lazy freeloaders.

Fox News and Right Wing Media Attack Journalists For Reporting the Truth About Benghazi

Real journalists' assessment of criticism of the reporter on the ground proves that Fox News' hosts do not understand what real journalists do because they are not journalists; they are GOP hacks.

Fox News Guest Claims Iraq War Didn’t Affect People’s Lives Personally

Jonas Goldberg claimed ObamaCare is the policy equivalent of the Iraq war, but worse because the Iraq war didn't affect our lives directly.

Conservative Cluelessness Seen Aboard Political Cruise

Mirroring their counterparts nationwide, conservatives on a post-election political cruise reveal they still don't understand their faults.

As Obama Runs For a Second Term Racism Takes Center Stage

The hope for a post racial America has been crushed as racism is front and center in the recent news cycle.

Right Wing Media Attacks Elena Kagan with Allegations of Socialism and Bad Driving

One of the tell tale signs of how a Supreme Court nominee is going to fare is always the initial criticism of the opposition. So far the right wing has hit President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen with allegations that she a socialist (Glenn Beck), hates the military (Bill Kristol), and is a bad driver (National Review). I didn’t realizing that driving was a constitutional issue. read more