Opinion: Trump Tried To Weaponize Security Clearances to Silence Dissent

Donald Trump is abusing presidential power again. This time he threatened, via Sarah Sanders, to strip several people of their national security clearances. In short, he tried to weaponize security clearances. If you meet the standards for a clearance but are a critic of Trump, he wants to silence you by taking your security clearance.

How Trump’s Unsecured iPhones Threaten National Security — And His Own

In April we reported that the FBI could be listening to Donald Trump’s cell phone calls.  Now it appears that China and other countries could be listening to his phone calls also.

Politico has reported that the president uses unsecured iPhones. This means that  Trump may be exposing himself to hacking or surveillance due to his use of an iPhone that he doesn’t swap out regularly. read more

White House Blatantly Admits Trump Probably Didn’t Read His Own National Security Strategy

Trump national security spokesman Michael Anton said he "can't say" whether the commander-in-chief of the world's most powerful military has read the 55-page document.

Majority Of Americans Say Trump Is A Security Threat As Russia Scandal Buries The White House

People don't just disapprove of the job he's doing or believe his policies are bad for the country. They consider him a clear and present danger to the safety of the United States of America.

Buried In The WaPo Report: Advisers Can’t Even Get Trump To Read One-Page Security Briefings

Trump isn't just leaking classified info, but he doesn't seem to know what is and isn't classified to begin with. Perhaps he should read his one-page briefings.

Opinion: Report Concludes that Trump’s Climate Denial Aids Terrorist Recruitment Efforts

A little over a year ago some high-level person in ISIS penned a treatise explaining precisely what Western nations (America) should do to aid in the terror group’s recruitment efforts. As sure as the Sun rises in the East, Donald Trump took the terror organization’s pleas for help to heart and has religiously followed every instruction to the letter. Now it turns out that Trump’s rejection of science, particularly climate science, is yet another means of “strengthening recruitment efforts” of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. read more

Opinion: House Republicans Are Colluding With Trump To Conceal Treason

Given Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the threat to national security, it is essential that Congress discover the truth about Russia’s activities and stop colluding with Trump.

Democrat Adam Schiff Tells Trump To Stop Treating NATO Like a Protection Racket

"Glad you think it was great, @POTUS. Would have been greater if you didn't treat NATO like protection racket, or allies like deadbeats"

Trump Says His Budget Makes Safety ‘No. 1 Priority’ But it Will Kill Americans

Trump's budget directs dollars away from the people who need it most, vulnerable children and the elderly, to fill the swamp he promised to drain

Opinion: Trump’s OMB Cuts Coast Guard and Airport Security To Fund Mexico Border Wall

Who needs counter-terrorism patrols and national security efforts to keep out terrorists when there is a desert wall to keep migrant workers from planting and harvesting fields.

Opinion: Election Nullification Petition Is Distributed To SCOTUS Justices

Supreme Court

Petitioners say: "As the leaders of the free world, we cannot allow an adversary to invade our territory and subvert our republican form of government."

Opinion: If Intelligence Community Can’t Trust White House, America Is in Distress

It is beyond comprehension that the intelligence community would ever distrust the White House to the extent that it withholds critical intelligence.

Obama WH Photographer Reminds Trump How Real Presidents Handle National Security Intel

Donald Trump

The swipe comes after Trump spent the weekend compromising America's security by turning an unexpected national security challenge into "dinner theater."

Obama Releases How-To National Security Guide So Trump Doesn’t Completely Destroy World

Donald Trump meets Obama

Even though Barack Obama will not be president after Jan. 20, 2017, it's clear he wants to hold the world together after he's gone.

Congress Must Investigate After NSA Chief Confirms Russians Hacked Democracy

"Russia has perfected political warfare using cyber assets and apparently decided to apply these tactics so American democracy itself was hacked."

National Security Threatened By Religious Amendment In Defense Spending Bill

The Defense Authorization bill should be about making our country safe; not about codifying evangelical Republican hatred and intolerance.

Nobody In National Security Wants to Work for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is having a hard time staffing intelligence and homeland security positions because so many Republican experts refuse to work for him.

Experts Warn Trump’s Business Interests Are Incompatible with America’s

Donald Trump Latino vote

"Right now you have Donald Trump in a situation where he makes money by aiding the people whose interests don't coincide with America’s."