Trump Knew Michael Flynn Was Being Investigated Before Making Him National Security Adviser

The New York Times just added fuel to the raging dumpster fire threatening to take down this White House.

Inept White House Endangers Lives By Not Knowing How To Call Up the National Guard

President Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn did not know how to call the National Guard for an emergency. This is something every administration should know before they walk in the door.

Trump Picks Anti-Muslim Extremist Michael Flynn To Be National Security Adviser

Michael Flynn

Trump's choice of Flynn is unsurprising given the anti-Muslim aura that surrounded the president-elect during his campaign.

Susan Rice Fires Back At Republican Critics Trying To Benghazi Her On Bergdahl

On Friday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice hit back at her Republican critics who have tried to make it appear that she said something misleading on Sunday.